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Outfit / Winter Coat & Lounging

Wednesday, February 10

Though we haven't had too much snow (which makes me a bit sad--outside of the lack of public transportation I loved last year's Snowpocalypse), it's been cold enough that I've gotten a fair amount of use out of my winter coat. It was a Christmas gift from my parents, very much needed (I lost all the buttons off of my moderately warm and very old wool coat last year), and very much my style. Knowing me, I would have bought a black coat if left to my own devices, so I very much appreciate the unexpected warm-tone grey.

And, very importantly for this and future winters--this coat is warm.


This outfit is as close as I can get to a comfy, relax at home style. I don't like or own sweatpants (although leggings are fair game) and these faux-leather paneled beauties are ridiculously comfortable. They were an impulse buy from Target, a kind of magical unicorn--I haven't seen them online or in stores since. The sweater is from Loft, technically, but I found it in a clothing swap at college.

Being able to relax is both difficult and important to me. With a long commute, lots of friends and family and a boyfriend to spend time with, chores, and trying to prep myself for my first 5k in mid-March, I have a lot going on outside of my job. I love it all, but often I just want to sit back with Cedric and a book and a cup of tea and just chill. Sundays, maybe unsurprisingly, are usually the only days I have much time to myself.

Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? I just finished book two. Lucky for me a work friend owns them all, so I can keep reading. I won't be doing a review since all four books are published and very popular, but rest assured I highly recommend them to anyone who likes fantasy, a culturally and ability-diverse cast, and fairy tales :)

Jacket: Michael Kors, gifted | Pants: Target {similar} | Sweater: Loft {similar & similar} | Boots: Indigo Road via DSW {similar} | Lip: Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop | Rings: Old 

And, as always, some bloopers:

Basically how I look while getting to work on crazy cold days xD (Gloves are Apt. 9 from Kohl's, also gifted at Christmas, and touchscreen!)

Pro tip: cats do not cooperate, and neither, often, does your camera's autofocus.

How has your winter been? What are some of your comfy outfits, and what do you do with your relaxation time?

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