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Sunday Brunch / 01.24.16

Sunday, January 24

1.) Have a bad day, take selfies until you feel better. 2.) All of the books upcoming on my to-read list. 3.) Matt & I waiting in line for brunch on Saturday, with our usual coffees--black for me, cream & sugar for him. 4.) Successful brunch date. 5.) Beautiful, new snow. 6.) Cedric being Cedric.

Happy Sunday :) Today is a slow one for me, where I only want to read Cinder and drink tea and snuggle with my cat, and ignore the fact that I have chores to do and work tomorrow. I was immensely happy about the snow yesterday, but it's already melting. I'm ready for more, and if we don't get even half as much as we did last winter I'll be very disappointed. 

If you don't follow Style on Target yet, maybe this great whites-and-blues look will convince you. 

A favorite blogger of mine, Hoda of Joojoo Azad, has come out with a book all about streetstyle in Tehran, Iran. It's only $25, full of beautiful photography, and (if you preorder by February 1st) it comes with a matching tote bag.

Boston definitely needs these short-story vending machines.

Since it's both winter and Girl Scout cookie season, keep this list of wine and Girl Scout cookie pairings on hand for snow days.

The start of the year is a great time to daydream about future travels. Keep in mind that Canada will have free entry to all of its national parks in 2017
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  1. Wow, that brunch looks amazing! What a great date idea.
    And short-story vending machines!? Seriously such a cool concept!

    Just Gigi Fashion

    1. Brunch is by far my favorite date idea. There's always a new place to try and it's the perfect time to go for a walk after. And I love the idea of the short story machines, especially when you consider how difficult it can be to get published today. Thanks for stopping by :)


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