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Outfit / Blue (P)Leather

Monday, November 9

Since I overheat pretty easily, I often forget the benefits of a good jacket. I don't find them very comfortable, and usually I'm happy with a cardigan or a full-on coat. But jackets, I'm coming to realize, just make outfits look good.  

This blue beauty is from the retail store I worked at for five years. One of the benefits of working there (or any retail store) was that I knew the sales. I marked this as "mine" as soon as it came on the truck, but at $50 the price was a bit steep for a pleather jacket. But as soon as the seasonal 50% sales hit--into my basket it went. (To make things better, I could use my employee discount on top of the sale. Needless to say, I was a happy consumer.)  


I love the color and stitching of this jacket, but I rarely wear it. When we shot the Jeans & Jord outfit on the beach, the breeze got a bit chilly at times and this was my saving grace.

In the future, I'll be searching for more jackets--green utility jackets & a good black leather or pleather are high on the list. What jackets do you have?  

One of my favorite parts of taking blog photos with friends is how fun it is :) No photo shoot would be complete without bloopers!

This is me falling off a rock--walking on a rock-filled beach is difficult in heels! And the photos from this didn't even make it into the post xD

(I feel like a superhero after doing this and not breaking my ankle.)

This is me and Monique, who took the photos of me above and from my last outfit post. Our friend Francesca took these :)

Sass squad :)
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Photos by Monique Frechette & Francesca.

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