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Outfit / Peter Pilotto for Provincetown

Wednesday, June 3

This past weekend, my parents and I went to the Cape for a biking-relaxation mini vacation. This trip actually came just after a long-weekend getaway with my roomates to Maine--full posts on both of these amazing trips will be coming soon!

After biking just outside Provincetown, my parents and I decided to explore the town itself. Despite going to the Cape my whole life (my grandparents live there), I've actually never been to the town at the end of the penninsula! I knew I wanted to look halfway decent, despite having biked a rather hill-filled, windy trail in the morning.

slight derp face--it was so windy!
I'll be honest--these outfit photos were rather impromtu (thanks for the help, Dad!). But the outfit itself was not. If you ever need to go from a day of exercise to a night out, keep these tips in mind:

// Use a statement piece. An eye-catching dress (or shirt or pants) will draw other's eyes away from your more-messy-than-usual hair or your general state of exhaustion after a day of hard exercise. Statement clothing items also help you avoid needing jewlery to make an outfit more interesting.

// Keep it comfy and simple. In this sense I did fail a little bit--if I were smart, I would have brought a dress or skirt to change into, like my mother did (and I have two Peter Pilotto for Target dresses, too!). Still, I planned for the weather, and the pants were great once the sun set. The flip flops were just a practical choice, which allowed me to both walk easily and stick my feet in the ocean.

// Pay attention to detail. Little things--like fresh deodorant, bright lipstick, and making sure your clothes are a material that won't wrinkle--go a long way during a quick change.

Top: Peter Pilotto for Target | Leggings: TJ Maxx | Flip Flops: OLD (need to get rid of these!) | Lip: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral

Have a few bloopers, courtesy of the insane wind!

Have you ever had to change outfits drastically on the go before? What do you suggest to make it easier?
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  1. I love those tips! I never thought of it, but a statement piece will bring the eye away from the messy hair haha

  2. Love the top, it's a perfect statement piece! These tips will definitely help me when I'm in a bind. Thanks!

    Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

  3. Great tips, and beautiful pictures!!
    xo, claudia

  4. Love the top!


  5. What a beautiful outfit and location!


  6. Love these tips, and that top is so pretty! :)

    xx | Steph @ The Lovely Essentials & Jenssen's Designs

  7. These are great tips! I hate dressing on the go, because I love to look perfectly groomed but sometimes it's just not possible.

  8. Oh my gosh is looks so so windy #FashionBloggerProblems (:

  9. Your lipstick is super cute! Great post! :)


  10. Love this top on you!! These are great tips for having to change quickly on the go. I completely agree with you that a statement top will distract from possibly messier hair/make-up/etc.

    Also- I was just vacationing in the Cape Ann area of MA last week, but we almost went to Cape Cod/Provincetown instead!! Too funny!

    xoxo A

  11. Love!

    I went to Provincetown two summers (or three?) ago and it was really so beautiful. And you look great as always!
    Lauren Ashley

  12. This blouse is so beautiful and you offer some great tips on quick changes. It really does come down to small details like having a lipstick on hand and a quick misting of dry shampoo can make all the difference!

  13. I love keeping it comfy and simple, and the bold top with the simple pants is a great way to do just that....thanks for sharing

  14. Great tips, love the design of that shirt! Glad you had a nice time at the Cape!
    xx, Mikkaela

  15. Thanks for the tips! I really loved your outfit and definitely feel that comfort is everything. Shout out to your dad for lending you a hand :)


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