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Life / Monday Meetings & Farewells

Saturday, May 16

As I come to the end of my college years, I will be doing a "series" of blog posts about the events of my final weeks. Excuse the tearstains.

Senior week started early--apparently too early for many of us now that all homework and finals were done! On Monday May 11th at 11 AM, the senior class met in our largest theatre (also probably the most beautiful) to listen to speeches by the dean and class president before getting all the rules for the upcoming events. Show up to commencement next Monday by 8:30. Don't bring anything to commencement, but don't forget your ID, keys, phone, and snacks. Don't sneak flasks into any of the events. And above all, "wear sensible shoes" to everything! 
Monday Meetings & Farewells - Commencement Meeting | Pennies & Paper Blog
Photo from Emerson College
the "entire class," excluding those who slept in or had work. I can see me!

A Faculty Farewell immediately followed the Commencement Meeting. It was free (woo!), had food (extra woo!), and was the time you could tell the announcers how to say your name (so I basically had to go). The professor announcing my name was so sweet and kind, and managed to get my crazy Italian surname on the first try (she's a Performing Arts professor, so I wasn't too surprised!). She held everyone's hand in both of hers after and told us congratulations.

Monday Meetings & Farewells - photobooth | Pennies & Paper Blog

Monday Meetings & Farewells - Emerson College | Pennies & Paper Blog
Photo from Emerson College
Jackie, me, Jen, and Sam--freshman year roommates! (We were missing one, Nyla, but we couldn't find her in time.)
There weren't a whole ton of professors, but right as I was about to leave my electronic publishing and e-book professor showed up, and it was great to talk to him before leaving.

The final event of the day was an alumni-run event called Stay GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade). They just can't let us forget that we're alumni, before we even technically are! Again, it was free with free food, and took place on the rooftop of the Market Lounge, in the Financial District. It wasn't terribly exciting, the food ran out quickly, and I couldn't find any alumni to talk to, so my friend Paulina and I left early to go check out the new art installation on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. They were having the official opening and so we saw Mayor Marty Walsh speak, although we left before the artist, Janet Echelman, spoke. (I also spotted CM of Trends & Tolstoy, a fashion blogger and alum of my school--feels like a celebrity sighting!) I must go back and get proper photos of this amazing floating sculpture!

Monday Meetings & Farewells - Janet Echelman Boston Art | Pennies & Paper Blog

Monday Meetings & Farewells - Janet Echelman Boston Art | Pennies & Paper Blog

The start of my senior week was extremely busy, but quite worth it! Lots of free food, friends, and fun :)

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