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Outfit: Scalloped & Gold

Wednesday, March 11

Scalloped & Gold | Pennies & Paper Blog

I came home for spring break with all of my dirty laundry--my comfiest sweaters and jeans, which I have been living in for all of #snowpocalypse. I desperately needed something new to wear, clothes I had never seen before.
Enter, my mother's second closet. I found this beautiful dress while looking for an orange one Mom thought she had, but apparently had gotten rid of. (I need a warm color for a casual summer wedding, which I am a bridesmaid in, eeeeeek!)

I looked for some accessories to pair with this dress, but the scallops and gold buttons just cannot and should not be overshadowed!

Scalloped & Gold | Pennies & Paper Blog

These shoes are my absolute favorite, and also my mother's. I haven't been able to find one's like them anywhere. Fortunately, Mom and I have the same shoe size; unfortunately, she likes them just as much as I do!

Scalloped & Gold | Pennies & Paper Blog

Note the shoulder pads and how this dress is (technically) too big. Worth getting altered, perhaps?

Scalloped & Gold | Pennies & Paper Blog

I cannot even tell you how many cringe-inducing or silly photos I took to get these four! (Puts me in mind of this post, about my non-fashion-blogger status.)

Scalloped & Gold | Pennies & Paper Blog

Why, hello there. I clearly failed to set the timer xD

Have you ever raided your mother's closet? What did you find?

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