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Life / Ode to My Final Finals

Monday, March 23

Ode to My Final Finals | Pennies & Paper Blog

I graduate in eight weeks assuming I finish all of my work. My only reaction to that is...stunned silence. It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman year dorm and attending Orientation, and now I'm sitting on my bed in an apartment, I'm a commuter, I've had two internships, and I'm the president of a wonderful and large publishing club.
Thanks to #snowpocalypse (and the snow hasn't even stopped!), Boston colleges have been all out of whack, mine included. We ended up adding in another week for makeup classes and finals. But I'm still in the middle of midterms--I have two papers and a project due next week! Although midterms aren't over, it's already time to think about the impending doom that is finals week.
Thinking of finals makes me sad. And happy. And anxious. Especially this year's batch, because they are the end. That's it. No more finals, because no more college. It's a tough thing to express, and yet I will try, by channeling my inner (casual) Keats and Wordsworth!
Ode to My Final Finals
These tests, signposts for the end of each of four years,
Result in freedom, relaxation, and summer sun.
Yet you, you are the sign of gathering graduation tears,
Applications, interviews, the desire to run
And escape from my sudden, true, responsibility.
For all that, you, week of two-hour tests and lengthy essays,
Cannot bring yourself to release
Our hopes for summer, thought of blissfully;
Our longing for imagined time-filled days; 
Our feelings of conclusion and progress. 
Certainly, a rough ode, but an ode nonetheless (I even tried ABABCDECDE rhyme scheme!). I truly cannot escape the conflict between my excitement to graduate, and my fear of it. By acknowledging those contrasting emotions, I hope to come to accept and integrate both of them in my mind.
Are you graduating this year? Soon? Are you as undecided on your emotions as I am?
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  1. Oh man, I am terrible with rhyme schemes - good job! I actually graduated a few years ago and it was bittersweet to say the least. Parts of college I miss... a lot. But naturally I do enjoy the freedom from testing and papers on subjects I don't care about! Best of luck with your finals and graduation. These days can feel so fast yet so tedious... be sure to savor the little moments! :)

    1. I completely ignored the iambic pentameter I was supposed to be in--but I'm very pleased I pullled off the rhyme scheme! Thank you so much--I'm trying to slow down and enjoy it before I need to worry about adult jobs, but it's difficult! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. What a huge accomplishment. I'm still only about halfway through my bachelor's degree- I withdrew from my last program when I realized it wasn't for me, and haven't landed on what to switch my major to yet. But I admire those who do know and follow through on all the hard work! Well done, you can do it!

    1. You will get there! There is a definite strength in the ability to know when something isn't right for you. I firmly believe that college is not for everyone, so whether you complete the degree or not I know you'll find what's best for you :) Thanks for stopping by!


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