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Feelin' 22

Thursday, February 12

It's my birthday! And while I did have a very busy day (complete with two classes and an extra-long, super important club meeting) I found time to have fun and celebrate, too :)
Feelin' 22 | Pennies & Paper Blog
First, I got to take self-portraits, my favorite pastime. Birthday BFF Abe Lincoln also got some screen time :) (Shout out to my other birthday BFFS: the brilliant Charles Darwin, the ethereal Anna Pavlova, the sublime Judy Blume, and everyone's favorite Aussie Dr. Robert Chase Jesse Spencer.)

My friend in Edinburgh snapchatted me a clip from T-Swift's "22," leaving it firmly stuck in my head all day long. (I wasn't humming it as soon as I woke up today, definitely not.)

All day, my family and friends were endlessly thoughtful. I used my Starbucks birthday reward and my Boloco one (thanks to Annie for suggesting the New England Harvast Salad). At my meeting, my executive board members got me a Chai latte--I was happily overcaffeinated for that two-hour event.

After, my roommates and I went to jm Curley, a fantastic bar I had been meaning to try for a while. Their drinks are just delicious--I got a William & Mary, featuring Scotch and orange :)

I've always been a bit shy when it comes to birthdays. I don't love having a big party all about myself (although I definitely love big, fancy parties in general!). So this birthday was simple and perfect. 
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