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Life / 5 Painless Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Monday, March 30

Spring has been in session for about a week now. To be perfectly honest, it's still quite cold in Boston--it's snowed twice since the official start of spring--but that doesn't mean I don't wake up every morning looking for flowers! After record-breaking snows and two-inch wide sidewalks, I am more than ready for warmth and soft rain and and bird song.

With spring, of course, comes spring cleaning. Instead of attempting a full room-overhaul this year (which I have tried in the past and failed miserably at), I've come up with a short list of easy, painless ways to spring clean your life.

// Review your New Year's resolutions. // The best way to make sure you're following your New Year's resolutions is to check back in with them every few months. If you find, three months into the year, that certain things are going to be impossible or take more effort than anticipated, now is the time to adjust your expectations accordingly. Remember, make them challenging, but not impossible!

//Pick something on your bucket list to actively pursue. // Most bucket list items won't get accomplished by chance. Pick one that you want to accomplish this year, or this season, or even this week, and outline steps that will help you cross it off! (I'm shooting for "get a job at a publishing house" this spring, since I'll be graduating in May and need a job anyway--and publishing jobs are the ideal!)

// Walk, walk, walk. // Let's face it: There are no more ice-cold winds and sleet storms, so you can walk nearly every day, somewhere. For me, that's walking the twelve minutes to the T instead of taking the bus. Try taking the stairs to class, or set aside even just ten minutes a day to walk around the neighborhood.

//Throw something out. // I'm not talking a full closet or room clean, but take those shirts you've been disenchanted with and finally get rid of them (or, if you really can't let go, turn them into something else!) This is also a good time to add a new good habit, like making your bed every morning or hanging up clothes right away after laundry.

//Clean up your blog. // There's always something you've been meaning to fix on your blog--thinning out tags, adding that widget, updating SEO--pick one and start on it! Spring is also a great time for a brand new blog look :)

Do you agree with these suggestions? What else is on your spring cleaning list? 
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  1. I love how Spring energizes me and makes me feel ready to take in the world! I def want to do some house cleaning and closet purging and have been wanting to do a blog redesign for awhile now. No time like the present! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I personally don't have the time to take a weekend of to officially do spring cleaning, so doing little by little each day is my best option. Including putting away laundry. I can't stand doing laundry and then placing them aside, which turns into another chore... Iron clothes that necessary would of been fine, if I took care of them as soon as I took them out of the dyer.
    Definitely need to do some spring cleaning in my blog though

  3. I love these suggestions! So much easier than cleaning out an entire room (which is on my list, but I'm not feeling it's going to happen, lol). I definitely need to check in on my New Years goals, so thank you for the reminder! My birthday is in a few days, so I'm working on a new bucket list right now! And yes! I need to get and start walking. I'm in CT and while we didn't have nearly as much snow as you guys, we still had enough that I'm SICK of it (and we've also had 2 more snowstorms since it turned 'spring'...enough, mother nature!). Thanks for sharing this list...very inspiring!

  4. Phew for a minute I thought you meant actual cleaning of my house (cringe). Walk Walk Walk is such a good one. We have a dog so it's been fun going for longer evening walks and not freezing out butts off.


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