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The Friday Five: Places I May Actually Visit in 2015

Friday, January 16

Making a list of dream getaways is too easy. Now, figuring out five places you can actually afford to go to this year--that's a challenge.

The Friday Five | Pennies & Paper
// Boston. I know, I know, I go to school here and it's cheating. But there are quite a few restaurants and museums I have yet to explore! (Full Boston bucket list coming soon, perhaps?)

// Minnesota. My roommate is getting married in August and asked me to be a bridesmaid! I'm super excited for so many reasons--it's casual and therefore will be cheaper (hopefully), my friend is getting married (woooo!), and I get to go to another state :)

// New York City. With so many friends in publishing, I have plenty of connections in New York. Places to stay, people to see...why haven't I visited recently?

// Indianapolis. My best friend has a fellowship in Indianapolis this summer. She's been dying for me to visit her (and I did, once, but it was sophomore year). Best friend who I hardly see plus a new city? Yes, please.

// Maine. Cheating again, you cry! I hear you: Maine is an Amtrak ride away and I've visited several times. But, I still want to go on a short trip alone, and I think Maine is the ideal state for that--far enough to feel like I'm traveling but affordable, relaxing, and beautiful. Taking suggestions for towns to go to!

Where are you planning/hoping/expecting to go this year? Have you been to any of these five? (If yes, I will happily take any and all recommendations!)

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