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Sunday, August 10

Reasons I Make My Bed Every Morning | Pennies & Paper Blog

For years, I avoided making my bed. In hindsight, it was strange that I would do so since at my grandmother's house it was expected, but at home I left my sheets and pillows and stuffed animals in a crazy pig-pile mess all day. I didn't see the point in forcing my bed look to look all nice and neat--no one was going to see it, and I would just be un-making it at the end of the day anyway.

But then, I went to college, and I didn't have a nice comfy couch and armchairs to hide in all day. I found myself sitting on my bed a lot, and all my newly-formed acquantainces would hang there with me. So it just made more sense to make it each morning, because who knew what the day would bring? 

Throughout the summers now, and winter, and all the breaks, I am still making my bed in the morning. Perhaps I get up at noon, or perhaps it's super rushed and messy. I've since realized (more accurately, I was enlightened by Admiral William H. McRaven's commencement speech for the University of Texas) that making my bed has more benefits than simply providing me a place to sit and watch Netflix.

// I start the day with an accomplishment.

This is the point made by Admiral McRaven in his address: "If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another." I've truly taken this idea to heart. If I know I have a tough day ahead of me, or the day turns a little sour, I can always remember that I sucessfully made my bed that morning.

// It's something I have true control over.

When I don't have control, or I don't feel I have control, I get very anxious. But with my bed, I can pull out all the wrinkles, arrange my pillows and stuffed animals--various gifts from various family members--and know exactly when I have completed the task. 

// A flat, organized bed gives me a place to put things during the day.

If I'm sorting my books or cleaning my closet, a clean bed gives me a place off the floor to organize items until they can be put away.

// I can properly display the quilt my grandmother made for me.

It's made of lots of awesomely-patterned fabrics and I've had it since I was little. Even if it's not totally my style, my quilt is very cool and was a time-consuming project made with love.

// My bed can become a little oasis of zen when I need it.

If I get overwhelmed in the day, I can run up to my room, and plop down on my quilt. Naps, deep breathing exercises, or reading can then ensue.

// Making my bed is the first step to my bedroom becoming Tumblr-famous.

Obviously, this is the most important. All of those epic bedrooms in log cabins with mountain views and antlers on the walls? Nearly all of them have neatly tucked bedspreads of epic design. So clearly, making my bed will transform my tiny blue room into the perfect Tumblr post.

Of course, there are always those who will argue against wasting the time spent pulling those sheets up each day. But for the foreseeable future, I will keep on making my bed for my productivity, sanity, and potential stardom xD

Do you make your bed every day? Why do you think it's important (or not)?

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  1. OMG. I'm literally obsessed with Bill McRaven, AND his commencement speech. I'd go more starstruck over him than a Hollywood celeb haha.

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  2. I used to fail at making the bed, and so did my husband. We've been trying to make our bed more now that we have our own place and it really does make all the difference! Of course,we only use a comforter so making it isn't THAT difficult.

  3. I definitely make my bed everyday! I get stressed out when I don't, and later realize the reason why. Maybe it has to do with my OCD, or maybe it has to do with all of your reasons above (especially the Tumblr one, obviously)...either way, I like how neat it immediately makes my room seem!

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise

  4. love these reasons! i also feel like i did an accomplishment when i make my bed on the morning. I also love to put things on my bed like my computer and pjs so it is great when it is made, plus, nothing better than cold sheets :)

  5. I grew up hearing my mom say to me everyday "make your bed you never know who is going to end up in your house". Well no one important ever did but it's engraved in my practice a lot. Some days I don't want to do it but habit...

  6. I'm trying to get more serious about bed making. It seems like such a good place to begin reconquering the chaos in my life.


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