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A Month of Instagram: July 2014

Tuesday, August 5

I cannot believe that it's August already! I'm currently on vacation with my family, enjoying some "down" time. Truthfully, this is the most active I've been in a while--swimming, hiking, walking, kayaking, yoga, stretching, lots of card games, and laughs--and it feels awesome. There are lots of stressful things coming up (paying rent and moving to my apartment for my SENIOR YEAR are topping the list) but I've had quite a few accomplishments. So far this year I've knocked three things off of my Thirty Before Thirty list, I've kept up with tracking my spending, I've mostly kept within my budgets, I've been trying to spend a little more time reading, I've filled a box with clothes to definitely get rid of (and another box to maybe get rid of), I've nearly hit my savings goals for the summer, and I'm researching beginning a Roth IRA. But I'm getting up early tomorrow to go hike Camel's Hump, one of New England's 4000 footers and Vermont's third tallest mountain. So I'll only be posting an abbreviated July Instagram, with four photos.

From left to right: A little bird (yellow-throated vireo?) that I tried to rescue. Unfortunately, he did not make it even though I found a clinic that tried to help him, but I enjoyed spending time with him and admiring how beautiful he was. <> Another sad story, the tree that had been outside my window since we moved in was cut down by our town. I miss it every day. <> I started going to the yoga classes at our local gym, using my free membership (thank you camp job!). Feels so good to get back into a flow, and I've been bringing my mother, too! <> A seven-plus hour hike up and down Mount Washington gave me incredible views and let me check it off my Thirty Before Thirty.

One more, non-Instagram photo: I've hit over 100 followers on Bloglovin'! That was also on my Thirty Before Thirty, because I never thought I'd hit it so quickly--upping my goal to 200 now :)

There was also quite a lot of crazy weather, some smaller hikes, work updates, shopping and fashion (including my first-ever jumpsuit!), and lots of pictures with my cat, Cedric. Check them all out on my Instagram feed, and if you follow me let me know!

What did you accomplish in July? What are your plans for tomorrow?

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