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The Friday Five: 5 Free Things to Do in Boston in Summer 2014

5 Free Things to Do in Boston in Summer 2014 | Pennies & Paper Blog

The city of Boston and I have a bit of a strange relationship. It was always just that place my family and I went to for museums and events. When it came time to choose colleges, Boston was the last place I wanted to be. Now I go to school in the heart of Boston. Even in the summer, when school is done and I am at home, I find myself making frequent trips into the city for countless reasons.

One of the best things about Boston are the endless free events, and the summer months are just as full of them! Obviously, since I don't currently live in the city I have to spend time and money going in and out, but it's still very much worth it. Here are five that I'm particularly excited about :)

5 Free Things to Do in Boston in Summer 2014 | Pennies & Paper Blog

// Shakespeare On The Common. This will be my fifth year attending the free Shakespeare performances put on by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. I started with Othello in 2010, and keep coming back--All's Well That Ends Well, Coriolanus, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and now Twelfth Night. There's not much better than open-air Shakespeare on a summer night! I'm actually going to a performance with mom tonight, and may go again later this summer--I went twice last year as well. [July 23-August 10, Tue.-Sat. @ 8 & Sun. @ 7; Parkman Bandstand]

// Summer Arts Weekend. This weekend I hope to attend the Boston Summer Arts Weekend. I believe (if I read correctly) that this is the third year of free, open-air events and performances in Copley Square. Copley is such a beautiful location for an event like this, surrounded by the Boston Public Library, several churches, and the Hancock Tower, and I can't wait to see what's in store! Saturday night, for example, Los Lobos is the highlighted show. On Sunday, when I'll be going, my friends and I hope to see the Boston Conservatory Broadway Revue and the Women of the World performances in particular. The only real downside to this event is that it only lasts for two days!  [July 26 & July 27; Copley Square]

// Endless Free Movies! Last year I saw several movies for free at the Hatch Shell, and I hope to do so again this year! They had fun games and vendors and samples beforehand--I remember free Magnum ice cream and Popchips and Seltzer water and little contests. But I recently discovered that there are free movies at MIT, the Prudential Center, Christopher Columbus Park, and the Boston Harbor Hotel. So many movies, so little time! [various dates, times, & locations]

// Summer Concerts. Music is another medium made all the more better by being free and (often) outside. The Boston Harbor Hotel has themed music nights besides the classic movies they are showing; the Boston Public Library has hour long "Concerts in the Courtyard" on Wednesdays at 6 and Fridays at 12:30; and the Institute of Contemporary Art is hosting their "Harborwalk Sounds," with free evening concerts to complement the free admission offered on Thursdays. [various dates, times, & locations]

// North End Feasts. Sadly, I've only been to one feast day in my life, and I want to change that! The two biggest upcoming feasts are for Saint Agrippina di Mineo (with a four-day celebration of the 100th anniversary of the event) and the ever-popular Saint Anthony. I should probably note that while the sights and sounds are free, there will be tons of most-definitely-not-free Italian food! [various; Saint Agrippina di Mineo--July 31-August 3 & Saint Anthony--Labor Day Weekend]

Will you be taking advantage of the many free events in Boston, or in the city closest to you? 

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  1. These sound very interesting! :) I'll have to remember that if I ever go to Boston.

  2. thanks for sharing this! i was at boston for 6 months and didnt do anything because of the weather :(. il be back next month to visit my boyfriend and will go to this places with him! i loved the commons even if it was so cold

  3. I've been to Boston before and it honestly one of my favorites cities. I want to go again and these ideas are so awesome. I'm totally interested in the feast days! Way cool!

  4. I adore visiting Boston. I'll have to remember these the next time I'm out east.