A Month of Instagram: June 2014 | Pennies & Paper: A Month of Instagram: June 2014


A Month of Instagram: June 2014

Monday, July 7

Whoever claims summer is for relaxation is wrong. Fun, certainly, but my crazy June proves that true relaxation was far out of my grasp. And it's only just beginning! Between working at camp, saying goodbye to my best friend as she goes to Uganda for the rest of the summer, attempting personal projects, and trying to find the time to take a few moments, I've been exhausted. So if I'm a bit MIA in the blogosphere--now you know why!
June Instagram | Pennies & Paper Blog

From left to right: Getting distracted from closet-cleaning and experimenting with remixes. <> One afternoon I went back to my old internship to be on a panel for the current interns. I ran into my manager, who gave me a copy of the (published!) book I had worked endlessly on--I last saw this as a manuscript :D <> My road got repaved! (Not nearly as exciting if you never lived on my so-old-it-was-purple road.) <> I've started sending (and, as in this picture, receiving) snail mail! It's so much fun :)

June Instagram | Pennies & Paper Blog

From left to right: Passing the time on my commute to my job at school. <> The start of camp! <> Cedric was a staple this month. <> Several weekends I went on hikes with family and friends--with some yoga at the top :)

I can't deny that I've been putting on good, proper blog posts. But even posting these short ones do make me feel much better, and that I've accomplished something! How was your June? What are you looking forward to in July?
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