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Your Story Blog Hop: Favorite Holiday/Tradition

Monday, June 16

Livin' and Lovin' Blog

Annnnnnd the Your Story Blog Hop with Kriselle of Livin' and Lovin' and Hoda of JooJoo Azad is back! This week, the prompt is:

What is your favorite holiday and/or tradition?

First off, I just love holidays, and each for different reasons. Halloween, because you can dress up and not be judged for it. Thanksgiving, because you can be a bottomless pit and fill your stomach with delicious food and not be judged for it. Christmas, because it's in the middle of winter and has an entire month beforehand full of happiness. Easter, because it's right when spring is starting.

When I really think about it, I think my favorite parts of holidays are the things that my family does within those holidays. The three that come most to mind are Christmas, New Year's, and Easter. At Christmas, we always have the same appetizers: cheese curls, cheese and pepperoni and crackers, Ruffles and onion dip, celery and cream cheese with olives. And there are always hundreds of Jubilee Jumble cookies for dessert. For New Year's, my family often goes to my cousins' house, where we have a seven-course meal before the ball drops, interspersed with games of Just Dance to work off the calories and make room for the next round. My family always has Easter at our house. We have lasagna and play basketball and my aunt makes an epic piñata, often out of plastic bottles and paper machè.

The other big tradition, one that is specific to my immediate family of four and our cousins' family (also of four), is going to Vermont for a week each year. Within that, we sit every night and watch the sunset (or the thunderstorm, as is often the case). We often visit the same restaurants, museums, and hiking trails, and we spend all day swimming in the lake. This year will be my twelfth consecutive year vacationing in Vermont--at this point, it feels less like vacation and more like returning home.

Vermont Sunset

There are other, smaller habits in my family. Mom calls them "ruts" but I prefer to put them in the more pleasant category of "traditions." Dad always makes apple-rhubarb and blueberry pies for events we are invited to. On Mother's Day we always go to a particular Thai restaurant. We play "Birthday" by The Beatles at everyone's birthday.

As I've gotten older, I've noticed some traditions changing or disapearing entirely. We've had fewer piñatas, as the aunt who makes them hasn't been able to make it to the past few Easters. It's more and more difficult to bring my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, out for Mother's Day. The past few years we've cut back on the New Year's extravagence. Since I was in Boston on my birthday this year, I didn't get the usual serenade.

Change always makes me sad, especially because in most of these cases the change is not for a truly positive reason. Traditions, sadly, are not permanent, but now I am more inspired to either create new ones or help the current one continue on.
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  1. Wow thank you for linking up again! It was great reading about your holiday traditions with your family! I wish I could travel out of state every year like you do. That's awesome.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) Maybe some day you can--I've just been very lucky with that, and I'm near a lot of great vacation states.


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