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Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip

Tuesday, June 3

memorial day weekend camping

What better way to celebrate those who died for our country than to spend time in the land they worked to protect?

Planning for this trip began back in December, when my father and uncle decided they wanted to take all nine cousins on an overnight hike in the White Mountains (for more on my lovely family, check out this post!). That soon changed to a camping trip at Dolly Copp Campground, New Hampshire that would involve hiking and then morphed into a family reunion camping trip. But predictions for rough weather and work or school commitments meant the eventual group was only seven people: me and my dad, my uncle and two cousins, an aunt and her boyfriend. A small but awesome group to spend the weekend with!

Originally, we were going to drive up on Friday, but my cousin Allie and I both got scheduled for work. Dad and I went up Saturday morning. We got the tents up and were working on the tarps just as it started pouring. Most of Saturday was spent hanging out, exploring the area, and drying off in the ten minutes of sunlight we had. On Sunday we went hiking, although the radio forecasted thunderstorms, hail, wind, and pouring rain--we lucked out and avoided all of that, although from the top of the hike we could see the storms rushing down the valley! Monday morning was a little rushed as we packed up under dark blue-gray stormclouds. It poured again as we drove home on the scenic route through Bear Notch Road and the Kancamagus Highway.

Even though the weekend was technically less than ideal, the trip touched upon everything I love about camping.

// Rain. I actually love rain, for all it makes camping a little uncomfortable. One of my favorite sounds is rain on a tent--so calming!


// Fire-brewed coffee and campstove meals. No explanation needed!


// Scrambling up rocks. The steeper, the better! (For those interested, we did the Glen Boulder Trail.)

steep mountain

// Waterfalls and brooks. Water is my element, and freshwater my absolute favorite. The waterfall on the trail was so refreshing, and the brook by our campsite was perfect for both exploring and chilling beer (haha!).

New Hampshire waterfall

// Beautiful rocks. Before settling on writing and publishing, one of my early career goals was to dig up perfect crystals and stones. Rocks still catch my attention.

rocks and minerals

// Amazing views. Whether from the top of the hike or Dolly Copp's giant field or even the highway, the views were always spectacular.

cloud reflection
the view while moose watching
dark clouds
the view while moose watching
Glen Boulder Trail
view from Glen Boulder
Glen Boulder Trail
I'm Atlas strong, obviously
Bear Notch Road New Hampshire
view from Bear Notch Road
// Discovering new things. During the weekend I saw three moose (first time ever seeing any in the wild, and one was right next to the car!), both ends of a double rainbow (sadly, no gold), and a glittering night sky of satellites and constellations.

double rainbow
please forgive the poor editing!
// Time with family :) 


awwww, look how nice...
....throw Allie in the river!
Have you ever been camping? What do you like best about it? And what did you do for Memorial Day weekend?
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