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Outfit / Storm Clouds at Sunset

Sunday, June 15

TJ Maxx skirt loose blouse thrift

What's this? An actual sort of outfit post? Inconceivable!

But in all seriousness, I'm slightly surprised at myself for attempting an outfit post. With photos not taken in my parents' bedroom (see here) or awkwardly in my dorm room (see here) or using one photo my dad took of my cousin and me at Easter (see here). I even named the outfit--I originally wasn't going to, but was struck by sudden inspiration. The dark grey shirt and black skirt combined with the gold and reds put me in mind of a sunset peeking through oncoming storm clouds. We'll just ignore the fact that the skirt is black-on-black leopard print, which has nothing to do with summer or sunset or clouds... The Nefertiti necklace also has nothing to do with anything, except that I really like it and hardly wear it. I bought it when I was in elementary school while attending my first yard sale. I remember buying it for $1--guess I was rather thrifty even back then!

This outfit was from last week, actually. I had a fairly productive morning but then suddenly crashed in the afternoon. Often, looking better makes me feel better. I had been wearing this shirt with shorts, so I changed it out for something a bit fancier and added lipstick (specifically, the Nicka K New York lipstick from my BB5). Not sure if the outfit increased my productivity any, but it inspired a new post and I wore it for my dad's birthday dinner that night.

TJ Maxx skirt loose blouse thrift

The above photo is a great example of how much of a pain it can be trying to take your own photos (#selfiestruggs). Does anyone have any tips for focusing the camera when you're taking photos of yourself?

I also didn't bother setting up my tripod because...I'm lazy. But that maybe would have helped.

TJ Maxx skirt loose blouse thrift

Lipstick // Nicka K New York Hydro Lipstick in Begonia
Top // hand-me-down from roommate
Skirt // TJ Maxx
Heels // DSW (old, on sale)
Necklace // yard sale

TJ Maxx skirt loose blouse thrift

leopard print skirt Nefertiti necklace

DSW loafer heels

Obviously, I don't usually do these sorts of posts--so any tips on poses, information to include, etc. are welcome :) Let me know what you think of this outfit and leave me some inspiration!
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  1. Oh my gosh you're inconceivably adorable (especially with that Princess Bred reference!)! I love this look!

    1. Awwww you're making me blush ^_^ And yesssss I looooove the Princess Bride and I use "inconceivable" waaaaaaaaay too often haha

  2. love your outfit! you look amazing!

    1. Thanks lovely <3 That means a lot to me, and thank you for taking the time to stop by!


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