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The Friday Five: Springtime

Friday, May 30

Summer is generally considered to be nice and relaxing. And since this is my last "real" summer before I enter the world of 9-to-5 jobs, it would be reasonable to assume that I'm taking this one a bit easy. Not so at all. I'm working three jobs, all of which (school tour guide, camp counselor, and retail) have crazy schedules (at least until I finish training and camp starts full time). Plus I have assignments for school clubs that are carrying over into the summer, tons of books to read, personal projects to get done, and lots of friends I want to see. I'm so busy I even find my television shows (Game of Thrones24Breaking BadHannibal) taking a backseat.

On the days I have free, I find myself doing endless blog things. Just this week I planned out a blogging schedule, social-linked my post signature, created a sidebar, made my images Pinnable (all credit to this post!), hosted my first ever giveaway, made a grabbable blog button, and updated my sponsor/swaps page (learning a whole lot about editing HTML in the process of all of these); I am getting more involved in my blogger groups, Twitter, Pinterest, and commenting on blogs. I've even been jumping on blog link ups, including one I posted just this morning. Yikes. Blogging is taking up more and more of my time, and while I certainly don't mind (I quite love it!), I need a little break. Hence this (relatively) text-light post!

the friday five

This week's Friday Five is all about the spring plants I've seen around lately. Most are from hikes and walks in my area; two are from my Memorial Day Weekend camping trip (post on that coming soon!). It's so nice to just relax and enjoy the beauty of these plants--but there is also a challenge in photographying them. Flowers and plants are notoriously difficult to capture in interesting ways (something I distinctly remember from my least-favorite high school photography assignment on trees). I'm not sure I fully succeeded, but they look beautiful in any case!

Clicking on each of these photos will take you to their home on my very disorganized flickr :)

What flowers or plants are blooming in your area right now? Which are your favorites?
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