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Operation Declutter

Wednesday, May 14

messy room

I have a hard time letting go of things. Every object, ticket stub, magazine, clothing item, toy, I find a reason to keep. Occasionally things get stuffed in bags and thrown in the attic, but rarely do I actually get rid of anything.

It's become quite the problem. My room is small, about 8x10, and full of stuff. Most of these things are books and clothes, but I keep a lot of papers and notebooks and little trinkets as well.

Getting rid of things feels bad to me and makes me stressed, but I know that's just my anxiety speaking: what I keep in my room is one of the few things I feel like I have control over. But I don't really have control if I don't have the ability to get rid of things, and all the stuff  in my room has become stressful in and of itself. It's at the point where I have been home from school for over a week now, and I've barely unpacked because there isn't room to put anything away. Looking at my unpacked suitcase and thinking about all the things in the garage I have yet to dive into makes me beyond stressed!

This summer, I have several goals--finish my self-assigned summer reading, finish a Regency outfit, fix up my Ren Faire costume, make circle skirts--but one of the big ones is what I have decided to call "Operation Declutter." I want my room to be organized, look more open, and be filled with things I love and use. Clutter is also anything but frugal...I can't find things, so I end up buying things or never using them.

As I unpack, I will go through each drawer, shelf, and cabinet, asking three questions of every item: Do I love it? Do I use it? Do I need it? I will move things like prom dresses and fancy shoes to the extra closet, and I will make a bin for seasonal clothes, because right now I keep springsummerfallwinter all mashed in together. While I would love fancy storage bins, right now I'll settle for what's around the house and use a lot of cardboard dividers. Post-it notes will be my labeling friends until I have time to make nice ones. For the things I don't want, I am going to either recycle, gift, donate, or sell.

I can do this! And I have you lovelies to help me keep accountable. I want to be organized and to live more simply--I spend most of my time reading or exploring or seeing friends anyway. I want to spend my money on new food and travels, not another set of hair elastics when I lose all of mine. And I want my toys and clothes and books to be used, if not by me than by someone who will appreciate them.

Has anyone tried a decluttering? Have any tips or suggestions? Are there any problem areas I may have overlooked?


  1. I totally feel ya with decluttering. Instead of "Do I love it?" now, I do, "Would I buy this today if I saw it in a store?" That's the REAL test!


    1. Oooo yes! That is a MUCH better question! Saying I love something is so subjective...when I consider if I would spend money on it is much more concrete. Thank you!


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