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The Friday Five: Taking Advantage of My Tuition

Saturday, February 8

The (often exorbitant) tuition you pay your school often includes more than just four to five classes and a tiny dorm room. I hate to admit it, but I didn't utilize some of these extra benefits until this semester! Don't make my mistake, and see if your school offers similar (or better!) tuition goodies.

Fitness Center Classes
I went to my first gym class, a yoga class, last week, and I loved it! My school also offer pilates, cycling, kickboxing, and other fun things, but my school/work/internship schedule only allows me to make yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm pretty sure even off-campus students get free membership--and free classes--so I'm going to try to keep up with this next year as well.

yoga class
Photo Credit: naturalturn via Compfight cc
The Library
I used the library a lot when I was studying abroad at the castle, but at the home campus I avoid it like the plague (except for finals, when they lure me in with snacks). But recently, I've become fond of the relative quiet, the comfy chairs tucked into random corners, the study rooms, the fact that all of the textbooks are kept at the reference desk, and the rows upon rows of movie scripts and student theses.

college library
Photo by Emerson College
My school offers a plethora of events. From Resident-Assistant-sponsored floor events to student-run plays to acapella groups to those hosted by the Mane Events club, there is always something going on. Since this is probably my last semester on campus, I'm trying to take advantage. I went to the '90s themed party by Mane Events and the Superbowl party recently, but I need to find a few more to go to :)

Jobs & Internships
Career Services at my school is actually pretty good. I got my internship last summer after attending the Spring 2013 internship fair, had my resume updated, and have read up on some of the many evaluated internships they keep in massive binders. But this semester I got a job through the school as well--which I should have done years ago!

Meal Plan
This is probably the one category I've tried to take full advantage of since freshman year. We're allowed to take fruit out of the dining hall, so I do that to tide me over for homework. I've also been trying to buy all of my snacks and granola bars from our convenience stores, instead of going to CVS. While it's more expensive technically, when I've already had this meal plan paid for it makes sense to use it up first and save my money for going out on special occasions.

dining hall
Photo by The Berkley Beacon
What does your school offer you as part of tuition? What do you take advantage of?


  1. I really wish I took advantage of my tuition more! Now I owe too much in student loans! :(

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    1. Yup, that's going to happen to me all too soon >.< I feel like they give students all these awesome perks--discounts! sales! special events!--but then we realize how much debt we're in! And I'm super thankful because I'm better off than a lot of other people. It's just so depressing O_o


Thank you for your comment--they are the highlight of my day :)

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