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The Friday Five: Reasons I Love Instagram

Friday, February 21

Honestly, the main reason I wanted a smart phone was so that I could have an instagram. Pre-iPhone days (i.e. before September 2013, a whopping six months ago) I would steal my friend Monique's phone just to use her app. I even tried to install it on my mom's iPad (which failed because her iPad was too old to support it). Instagram was the first app I installed on my new iPhone, surprise surprise! Since then, I've worked to curate my photos, been featured twice on the official account, started an insta-365 project, and found about 150 followers. I'm quite proud of my little baby account, but I've never before taken the time to consider why I love this app so much.


1. It's so easy.
Although not always always charged, my phone is just a pocket away. When I see that silly moment with friends or if I just want to capture something beautiful, my phone is perfect for that, and instagram helps me share it without any lag time.

2. But I can still challenge myself to be creative.
The square format is something I haven't played with much, save two roles of Holga film in AP Photography. It really forces me to think about my subject arrangement, what's in the frame, and how to crop the shot the best way. Adding a filter is a struggle in and of itself, but also forces me to think about color, lighting, and to decide when no filter is actually the better option.

3. Inspiration and cute animals.
I follow so many instagrammers who post inspirational quotes or pictures of adorable pets that my day is brightened just by scrolling through my feed after a stressful class.

4. Recognition.
I'm very vain when it comes to instagram, I have to admit. I love getting notifications of a new like, follower, or comment--it's just an affirming feeling! I've used other photo-sharing websites in the past (flickr, even tumblr), but I didn't get a tenth of the traffic I do on instagram. I love sharing my view with the world, and I love when people let me know I did a good job with a photo.

5. All the extra apps!
I've acquired a host of other apps to enhance my instagramming. Extra filters, lighting, and frames make my feed more customized and appealing (I'll have to do another post on my favorite extra apps soon!).

I do still love my DLSR and Photoshop. There's something about that level of quality that can't be beat. But instagram will forever have its place in my heart--plus, it does a great job of promoting me as a brand, something all those photos stuck in my computer's photography folders will never be able to do, no matter how well-edited!

Do you have an instagram (leave your name if you do!)? Why do you use it? Are you as insta-crazed as I am?


  1. I love Instagram because of the ability to connect with so many other people and I get to stay in touch with friends/family that I don't get to see on a regular basis!

    xo Sydney

    1. Yes, that is a great one! I love to "meet" and learn more about fellow bloggers through it as well :)


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