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H&M Mini-Haul [+ Wrapp Mini-Review]

Wednesday, February 26

This past weekend was extremely busy! Once I get home for spring break and can steal the photos my dad took, I'll be able to do a full post about it. But in the meantime...I can cover the H&M shopping I did, savings courtesy of Wrapp!

But first, some fun instagram news: one of my posts got over 30 likes! My previous record was 18, so I'm quite happy. I also have 165 followers as of today, thanks mostly to the lovely girls of HCBN :) Thanks everyone!
Wrapp, for those who don't know, is an app that lets you "wrap" gift cards for friends. But they have some good promotions from various brands, where you essentially get gift cards for free! I had two $6 H&M gift cards from an Olympics promotion. The only catch is that you can use only one gift card per transaction, so I ended up stopping by on Friday and Saturday. I ended up with a cat crop top (originally $9.95) a gold belt (on sale for $3.95), and a pink-and-salmon belt (on sale for $3.95). For three items, I spent $5.85. I've been dying for a cat-themed piece and have very few fun belts :)

H&M haul crop top belts

Since I'm by no means a fashion blogger (but I love them), I decided to challenge myself and do an impromptu photo shoot with these new items. Please bear with the terrible setting, and suggestions on how to pose for photos are always welcome! (And apologies for being mostly faceless...I was too lazy to retake photos so they had decent expressions xD)

First, I tried the crop top with my high-waisted pink pants and the pink side of the belt...

crop top and pink pants

crop top and pink pants

crop top and pink pants

Then I switched to my black leather skirt, even higher-waisted than the pants...

Next up were my plain black jeggings...

crop top and black pants

And then I gave up and got completely ridiculous (always fun :D)!

blurry image

being silly

H&M fashion

What do we think? What else should I try the top with?


  1. Those trousers are PINK! I like it :-)


    1. Mmmm yes! I love how bright they are! I wear them on days I need to feel more awake xD


Thank you for your comment--they are the highlight of my day :)

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