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Life / There've Been Some Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Wednesday, January 29

As much as I love teal and purple, it's just a bit too peppy for my blog. I love color, but black and grey is so more my style.

What am I talking about, you ask? My new header!

After seeing all the lovely blogs the HCBN girls have, I knew I wanted a change. Armed with my new CS6 software, I downloaded a ton of fonts until I found the two that now make up my header: Linowrite and Boutiques of Merauke.

For those who want to compare (although I promise this new look is so much better), here's what used to grace my blog:
Gone, too, will be the equally colorful "xoxo, Julia" (although I loved the swoop of that J!)

Let's usher in an era of me caring a little more about this baby blog of mine.

I also did the smart thing and made myself a Facebook page. (If you end up liking it, let me know so I can like your page if you have one!)

I'm going to be doing quite a bit of blogging this semester. At least once a week for the HCBN, twice a week for my extremely difficult and time consuming magazine writing class, and about ten times this semester for my internship. I'll let you know about those posts when they happen! But all this required blogging means I'll have less time to get done what I want to for Pennies & Paper. My to do list is as follows:

- make photos Pinterest-pinnable
- add a Facebook button to my sidebar
- update my page links
- update my categories
- finish transferring old blog posts over to Blogger
- add photo of me to sidebar
- make blog button

Yikes! That's a lot for my busy bee self. Am I missing anything I should be doing to make my blog attractive, easy-to-use, and more marketable? What do you do for social media? 

Until the next time...


  1. I thin this design is much more sophisticated, not to knock your last one. I also still have to make my posts super-easy-pinnable. Hooray for getting blog-things done!

    1. Thank you! And my old header takes no offense--I made it by screencapping a Microsoft Word document O_o It really needed some help. Getting blog things done makes me feel so accomplished haha :D

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