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The Friday Five: Self-Portraits

Friday, January 17

It's been less than one full week back at school, neither my job nor my internship have started yet, and I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed. The best way to relax is to do something I like doing...but sometimes I want to be more productive than marathoning a new television show. In those cases, I set up my tripod and do some self-portraits--definitely my favorite photography style. These are some ideas for self-portraits that I've been meaning to try.

The Silhouette. Silhouettes are so simple and lend themselves to so many cool subjects: jumping, dancing, etc. Ideally I'd like to use a natural silhouette, like the sun or moon.

The Mystical. I always want to be something I'm not, and photography lets me play around with that. I can be from the past or the future, I can be a mermaid or forest fairy, I can be anything my camera and Photoshop can turn me into.

The Composite Image. The classic version of this is a landscape with multiple shot of you doing various activities. While I'd like to try that, I'd also like to try one where I have multiple arms or am floating in midair.

The Projection. A long time ago, I found a self-portrait of a nude woman curled in a ball, with a really cool pattern projected over her skin. It was so simple, but so beautiful. I'd love to try something similar, with my hands, legs, stomach.

The Anything-But-The-Face. Faces usually feature prominently in portraits, and for good reason. But hands and arms and legs can be equally as expressive, and I'm definitely a person who sticks with faces. So trying to avoid my face will be a challenge for me.

This post seems as good as any to put links to some of my favorite self-portrait idea resources:

Just for fun:

If anyone is interested in my own self-portraits, you can check out my set on Flickr.

Do you take self-portraits? Do you have a favorite by yourself or someone else?

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