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The Friday Five: Cool Things This Week

Friday, January 3

This will be a super brief post because...I'm leaving for Montreal today! I'll be gone until the 6th. I'll probably do a brief recap here, and more in-depth posts on my travel blog. In addition to (hopefully) being an awesome trip with friends, going to Canada again is on my Thirty Before Thirty list! The day after I get home, I'm going on a ski trip with my family, and then I'm moving back into the dorms for spring semester (where is the time going?)!

1.) I've been listening to The Proclaimers again xD Listen to the original or (my personal favorite) the Doctor Who version (I played this nonstop freshman year and drove my roommates insane).

2.) Lately I've been reading more fashion blogs. Two of my current favorites are nearly opposite in theme: American Duchess is a historical costuming blog, while Trends & Tolstoy is run by an awesome girl from my own school.

3.) There's a new mesmerizing hand dance called "hand tutting" See an example here.

4.) I've spent all week watching the bird feeder in my backyard. Both my cat, Cedric, and I love to watch. There have been chickadees, blue jays, woodpeckers, and squirrels galore.

5.) One of my Thirty Before Thirty goals is to complete a 365 photography project and then a 365 with a self-portrait focus. I'm currently doing a "pre-365," on my Instagram. I'm hoping next year to do one with my DSLR, a Nikon D40, and the year after to complete the self portrait one--and cross it off my bucket list!

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