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A Month of Instagram: December

Friday, January 10

I have been busy busy busy this break! My blogging hiatus was due to me spending New Year's Eve in Boston, then almost immediately after going on a weekend trip to Montreal, then a ski trip with my family just after that. But I've checked one thing off my Thirty Before Thirty (visit Canada again) and have been getting a start on another (do a 365 project). But more on all of that later. I have two days before I go back to school and a full semester--internship, job, four classes, clubs, friends--and here I am, relaxing on the couch with my kitty, my father, and Game of Thrones. Earlier today I installed the CS6 I got for Christmas and have spent my spare time playing with all my new toys :D

Without further ado...eight of my December Instagrams! The full gallery can be found here.

I've also posted some new photos! Check them out on my flickr. I love improving, so leave me comments and critiques :)

From left to right: Free cannoli at the Christmas tree lighting in my town <> Night view of the city from my suite at school. <> Free Chipotle catering for twenty! (Thanks to Sam going to the HerCampus Conference this year!) <> Snow in the city :D

From left to right: The brothers at the start of winter break. <> Christmas with the crazy family <3 <> Starbucks and club work over break. A little lame but productive! <> Watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special, a few days late, with my Doctor Who Fancy Toast (bye Matt Smith!).

January's been off to a good start, I hope everyone else's has been as well :)


  1. Hey lady! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out the post here! http://moreawesomerblog.com/2014/01/18/saturday-things-liebster-award/

    1. :D This is so exciting, thank you! I'm so flattered and can't wait to nominate some other blogs :)


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