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The Friday Five: Favorite Stores for Gifts

Friday, December 20

I was hoping that with the end of finals and the beginning of break I would have time for more posts. I have a whole host of things I want to talk about, but since I've been home I've been working. Since I work retail, it is very draining and when I come home I only want to drink tea, curl up with my cat, and sleep. 

But in honor of the holiday season and in the name of saving money, here are my top five stores to shop at for Christmas gifts!

Home Goods. With everything from furniture to food to personal care items to toys, Home Goods is a great store to find lots of awesome gifts on a budget. This year I'm using it to make a "Treat Yo Self" basket for my mom, filled with lots of goodies, and in the past I've gone here to make purchases to donate to those in need. I spent a little over forty dollars here this season, which at another store would add up to at least double that.

Kohl's. What makes Kohl's fun is also what makes it a little stressful: you never know quite what the price will be. They often list sales prices, but then there are countless coupons, Kohl's cash, or their credit card, all of which can save you more money. They sell mostly clothes but also appliances, very nice dish sets, bedding, jewelry, and toys. I nearly always get fun ties for my dad from here.

Etsy. Obviously this one tends to be a little more expensive, but definitely worth it. For the handmade, perfect gifts you can find, the price is negligable.

Michael's. For relatively little money, you can buy all the crafting supplies you need to wrap, personalize gifts, or make gifts entirely.

Pamplemousse. This is a small chain that sells gourmet food and cooking supplies. While definitely on the expensive side, the people are awesome and you can find exactly what you need for the foodie in your life: wine, stovetop espresso machine, fresh cheese, loose leaf tea.

Good luck with Christmas shopping, everyone! I've got a bit more to do (yes, bad I know).

P.S. One of the lovely HerCampus girls, Olivia, featured me on her blog a few days ago! She and I would both love if you went and read "I Studied Abroad: Julia."

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