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The Friday Five: Cool Things This Week

Friday, December 6

It's the week before finals, so my life has gone a bit haywire. With last-minute projects before club launch parties, teachers giving final projects and finals, and trying to catch up with friends, I am a busy bee. But here are some things that have made me happy and (a little) relaxed this week.

Linotype: The Film. We watched this short documentary during my last design class after we passed in our final projects. It was great fun; I have a lot of feelings about it and now desperately want to learn how to operate a linotype! (Available for free on Amazon Instant Video or check out the website.)

Free. This is a fun, short anime (12 episodes) all about a swim team. Sounds a little silly, I know, but incredibly addicting! The online fanbase is great too, and they create some awesome fan art/video/etc. I highly recommend it.

Sinterklaas. December 5th was Sinterklaas, a Christmas-time holiday celebrated by the Dutch. I celebrated it in the Netherlands last year and this year wanted to continue the tradition. There's a racism debate right now about de Sint's sidekick, Zwarte Piet, but I wholeheartedly support the tradition of eating chocolate all day long.
Jen and I with chocolate and hot chocolate and my Sinterklaas mug.
Project Z & Milburn. These are the two books Undergraduate Students for Publishing created this year. The book launch was today, and it went wonderfully :) I adore this club, our authors, and everyone involved. (Check out our instagram for images from the launch!)

The Walking Dead. The mid-season finale was crazy intense and super upsetting but also awesome. Between that and Project Z, I've been having zombie nightmares all week, but it's worth it!

What were the good things in your life this week?

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