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Outfit + Life / Christmas Eve

Friday, December 27

I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays! Whether that be Chanukah, Yule, Christmas, Kwanza, other things I am unaware of, it seems most religions and belief systems have a winter-time holiday, and I hope it was wonderful :D

This post will be part event, part outfit, and part LOOK GIFTS haha.

The Day

For Christmas Eve, my immediate family joined my maternal grandparents and my aunt for lunch at a Legal C Bar (don't ask me the different between that and Legal Sea Food...but now I know they are both delicious!).

After, we went to my grandparents to open gifts (which we always do with my mother's side Xmas Eve, since that side of the family is so small). Then we went to a late-afternoon church service, quite nice except for the screaming children. This is a reversal from previous years: usually we do church, dinner, and gifts. I quite like that order better, but since my grandparents are getting older we've since changed it. We completed the day by stopping by my dad's parents' for dessert, since my Nana doesn't come to parties anymore.

The Gifts

My gifts today consisted of Smith Optics Facet sunglasses, DevaCurl hair products, a new Pandora necklace/bracelet, and a Pandora charm, as well as some money.

The Outfit

With the hectic-ness of the day I unfortunately did not get a great photo of my outfit. I have a few photos though.

We all got Smith sunglasses from my grandparents :)

Wool Cape // Vintage (By Grandmother)
Dress // Hand-me-down (Roommate)
Tights // Only in Venlo, the Netherlands (On Sale for 2 Euro)
Heels // DSW (Old, On Sale)
Lipstick // Eos by Starlooks

Christmas Day recap will be coming next!

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