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Thirty Before Thirty

Tuesday, November 12

This post was inspired by Allison, a fellow blogger in the HCBN. While she wrote her "30 Before 30" list in honor of her twenty-first birthday, I've got a few more months of being twenty. So let's see if I can't cross at least one of these off before February!

<> go to all 50 states & D.C.* (Done: MA, NH, ME, VT, VA, D.C., CA, NY, PA)
<> visit Canada again (I've been four times, but not since I was a kid) (January 2014)
<> go to Croatia
<> take a weekend trip by myself
<> go to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath
<> ski Tuckerman Ravine
<> live outside of Massachusetts for at least a year
<> learn basic Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and maybe a little German
<> graduate college with my B.A. (5/18/2015)
<> hold a snake
<> run a 5k
<> learn how to meditate, and do so twice a week for at least a month
<> get a tattoo
<> learn how to snowboard
<> grow my nails long enough to paint
<> learn to drive stick shift
<> try eating vegan for at least a week
<> go rock climbing
<> hike Mount Washington (7/19/2014)
<> go camping in the winter
<> get a job at a publishing house (8/10/15)
<> try freelance writing
<> finish writing a book
<> complete a 365 project (and then a self-portrait 365 project)
<> sew a complete outfit/finish a sewing project
<> watch all of Classic Doctor Who
<> attend a convention or giant festival (Comicon, Burning Man, SXSW, etc.)
<> get 100 blog followers on bloglovin', or by email, or a combination (8/1/14)
<> throw someone a surprise party
<> volunteer at an animal shelter/have foster kittens and cats

*will count if I do something of significance in the state. I'm also giving myself leeway and not counting states I have been to in the past.

Some of these are quite unlikely but will just spill over into a bucket list once I hit thirty :) Some of these made the list because I'm afraid of them, some because I've been thinking about them for a while, some just because. Do you have a thirty before thirty or a bucket list?


  1. I wholly support the tattoo idea! :) Also, I would LOVE to go to Croatia.

    1. Now I just have to figure out a.) what tattoo, and b.) where! I want to be able to see it but also be able to hide it. Do you have any/are you planning on getting any?

      When I studied abroad last fall, so many of my friends went to Croatia and I was so sad that my schedule didn't allow it. The cities and the lakes and the architecture...just all so beautiful :)

  2. Great list! I don't have a bucket list at all...I should probably fix that!
    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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