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The Friday Five: Tea Edition

Friday, November 15

Some of the tea stash!
Here are the five teas I've been drinking nearly non-stop this fall. Some are strictly fall, others are not, but nearly all of them are from David's Tea...I promise this is not an ad for them! I just love them far too much.

I've always loved tea, but only recently started drinking loose-leaf on a regular basis. It's very rare for me to use tea bags anymore!

Pumpkin Chai - This is a fall special from David's, and my roommate and I love it! I bought a small tin of it, but we drank it so fast that we went back and bought the 4 oz. tin. It's good with or without milk and honey and is definitely a perfect fall drink.

Second Flush Darjeeling - Also from David's, this is the tea I drink nearly every morning. While I love a good Earl Grey, there is something a bit more exciting about this black tea. I like it best with a touch of honey or non at all, depending on my mood when I wake up.

Ginger - These bags are from Yogi. I like it best with a good helping of honey, but I drink it when sick, when my stomach is upset, or when I need a non-caffeinated pick-me-up.

Organic Stormy Night - Once again from David's. My roommate and I got two 2 oz. packs of this free since we spent over $60 in one go (the deal was a free 2 oz. per $30). If I'm going to be perfectly honest, the smell is the best part. But it smells like cinnamon and chocolate, so we love it!

William Mason - This is a discontinued brew my friend designed on Adagio, named after a Downton Abbey character. It has honeybush, chesnut, and hazelnut flavors. It smells and tastes delicious! (I also own Daisy Mason, also discontinued, but this is the one I drink more often.) I'll be sad when it's gone and I cannot buy any more!

Do you drink tea, loose-leaf or otherwise? What are your favorites? Where do you shop? I'm always looking for my new favorite teas!


  1. Oooh I'm drooling at all of these! My housemate and I are absolute tea fiends and these look delicious! We go nuts for Pukka Teas, their detox and nighttime teas are incredible, and TeaPigs are so good too :) But, in my humble opinion haha nothing beats a good cup of lady grey!

    Lovely blog as always :)

    1. I haven't heard of either of those shops, but I just checked out their website...uh oh. My poor bank account xD I definitely need to get into "health" teas more. I drink so many that are full of caffeine that it would be good to try some aimed at immune systems or energy boosting or something.

      Oooo yes Lady Grey is great, especially on the few occasions Earl Grey is just too much for me in terms of taste.

      Thank you for the sweet comment! That means quite a lot :)

  2. mmm that William Mason tea sounds amazing...! I live for ginger tea. Have you ever had Bigelow's Ginger Snappish? It's my favorite, but they only make it for 2 months around this time of year.

    1. Oooo no I have not, but I do like Bigelow! It looks like a Christmas tea, so I might have to do some shopping over Thanksgiving break :D Do you know if they sell it in stores? I assume they do but if it's a special edition perhaps not.


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