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The Friday Five: Favorite Christmas Songs!

Friday, November 22

I know, I know, it's not December yet. We haven't even passed Thanksgiving. But my roommate and I love our Christmas music, and have been playing it non-stop for the last week or so! (I can't say all my friends are equally as enthused...we've gotten scolded more than once for not waiting until December 1st!) Here are my top five Christmas songs (and their specific versions) although I have many, many other favorites.

Happy Christmas (War is Over) // The Alarm
Little Saint Nick // Beach Boys
All I Want for Christmas is You // My Chemical Romance & Mariah Carey
Jingle Bells (Buala Bas) // The Clancy Brothers
The Nutcracker, Op. 71 - 10. Trepak (Russian Dance) // London Symphony Orchestra 
{listen - Not LSO}

I'm not even going to explain these...just provide links so you can listen to the awesome :D

The short post today is thanks to my crazy day and upcoming weekend. I have a ton of events and parties (including my roommate's 21st) and other pre-Thanksgiving break things to attend to, plus I'm dealing with internship and job applications. In other news, I took the plunge and decided to go to Montreal with my friends! I will probably regret spending about $300 in one three-day stretch, but I'm going to do lots of planning, finding of free things, and just generally try to make it as cheap as possible :) I'm so excited...and this feels like I'm back at the Castle again, preparing for a weekend jaunt to another country!


  1. Ahh, is it time for Christmas already?! I can't wait! Just bought all my decorating stuff and can't wait to put it up!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. I don't have nearly enough Christmas decorations for my dorm...maybe I'll steal some from home during Thanksgiving break :D Have fun putting yours up, and don't forget the music!


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