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Weekend Recap: Boston Adventures

Monday, November 18

It's in the sixties right now and the sun is turning my dorm room into an oven, but I can't resist playing Christmas music--after all, it's halfway through November! Mondays I don't have classes so my weekend technically isn't over yet, but I had a fun and (fairly) frugal weekend that I'd like to share. From Tuesday to Thursday I'm just going, going, going, between all my classes and club meetings and homework. This Thursday night I was actually quite productive, crossing several things off of my to-do list, but come every Friday I have a tendency to forget all my responsibilities and do whatever I feel like.

Friday morning started with a 10 a.m. Skype date with a good friend in Scotland. We do this every few weeks, and spend a good 2-3 hours talking and catching up on Supernatural (we're on season 5, and it's slow going but we're getting there!) This was followed by lunch with friends (on the meal plan, so already paid for) and a lovely, three-hour walk to the New England Aquarium and then around the North End. We later made brownies and watched The Princess Bride. I stupidly forgot my camera for all of this, so I apologize for the iPhone photos.

The 47-ft tall XMas tree on the Common, driven down from Nova Scotia for the past 42 years, arrived Friday morning. 
The Mather tomb in Copp's Hill Burying Ground! I read some of Cotton Mather's writing in my American Lit class.
Some of my Instagram photos from the day!
Saturday, my friend Alex and I attended the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair. I don't know anything about rare books, but we had gotten free tickets at the Boston Book Festival and decided to check it out. We explored many booths (several times I picked something up before noting the thousand dollar price tag O_o) and found some really cool books (galley copy of Trainspotting, signed Oscar Wilde notecards), went to an awesome talk by a curator from the Isabella Stewart Gardner, and I bought an old postcard. The one sore spot of the day was that a water pipe had burst outside my dorm, so we didn't have ANY water until mid-afternoon. But I ended the day watching The Hunger Games with my roommate, in preparation for the upcoming Catching Fire movie!

Collage from my Instagram.
My postcard. Love the little pants at the bottom!
Sunday was a slow day. The book fair was free Sunday with a student ID, so Alex and I headed back to attend a talk about espionage...but we had missed it by two hours. So we got a nice walk in before hanging out in the dorms for the day. (Side gripe: I do wish the book fair had been more focused on antiquarian book education, especially because they were really trying to get students to attend. I'm interested, but would love guidance on where to start!)

Today, Monday, my overarching goal is to complete everything on my to-do list. One of those things is this blog post, so I'm off to a decent start :) I've got everything from homework to an ab workout to a few small sewing projects on that list. Registration is this week as well, so I need to update my possible schedules as classes are filled. And if I finish everything in time, tonight I have two events to decide between: a panel hosted by Undergraduate Students for Publishing about copyrights, or a poetry slam, where my amazingly talented roommate August will most likely be performing.

P.S. They just announced this morning that Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgundy) will be coming to our school for a "renaming". My school will be called "Ron Burgundy School of Communication" for a day. This is quite strange, but also a bit cool! Read about it here.


  1. this looks so fun! boston is by far my favorite city in the US. that book fair seems like it would be awesome!

    1. I'm coming to like Boston more and more, and it's definitely the US city I'm most comfortable with :) The fair was quite fun, and a bit different from what I'm used to! I'd like to do some research and go again next year with a better idea of what I'm seeing.


Thank you for your comment--they are the highlight of my day :)

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