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Seven Deadly Sins

Monday, November 11

I discovered this fun little link-up on another Her Campus girl's blog, itsemmaelise (but the original post is from Whispering Sweet Nothings). While it was intended as a Halloween-themed post and the link-up is closed, I'm only eleven days late, and I think it would be nice to get any negative thoughts out of my system before Thanksgiving :)
All you need to do is copy & paste this list, fill in your answers, and have fun finding out others’ guilty pleasures. To visit the original link-up, click HERE.
Seven great things in your life:
1.) I have the best friends and family ever and they get me through life.
2.) I live in a great city that gives me so many opportunities and adventures.
3.) I have been to Europe three times, and have loved every second of it.
4.) My cat, Cedric. 
5.) My super crazy and fun hair.
6.) Books and movies and television shows.
7.) Good food - homemade, from the North End, while traveling.
Seven things you lack and covet:
1.) A significant intimate relationship with someone.
2.) Being photogenic.
3.) Vintage clothes and historically inclined outfits.
4.) Motivation to accomplish all of my goals.
5.) Enough money to travel wherever I want.
6.) Self confidence.
7.) A better sense of fashion.
Seven things that make you angry.
1.) Being ignored.
2.) My inability to handle stress.
3.) People who are rude to retail workers.
4.) Bad commercials.
5.) Badly written essay prompts.
6.) Rudeness in general.
7.) Bulling and abuse.
Seven things that you neglect to do.
1.) Exercise.
2.) Clean my room.
3.) Write creative things, and for myself.
4.) Study and start essays in a reasonable time frame.
5.) Remember to be awesome.
6.) Listen to my friends all the time.
7.) Budget myself accurately.
Seven worldly material desires.
1.) Cameras and camera equipment.
2.) More books!
3.) Cute clothes.
4.) Historical costumes--especially Regency, Victorian, and Renaissance.
5.) Aztec sweater leggings.
6.) An online following (hopefully a deserved one!).
7.) Surplus money.
Seven guilty pleasures.
1.) "Dessert" books (romances, beach reads, feel-good books).
2.) Television shows (so, so many).
3.) Sleep.
4.) Anything with cheese (grilled cheese, mac n' cheese, brie on crackers, etc.)
5.) Taking selfies.
6.) Shopping.
7.) Instagram.
Seven things you love about love.
(I'm applying this to my friends since I've never had a relationship.)
1.) Cuddles on movie nights.
2.) Feeling totally comfortable.
3.) Stupid inside jokes.
4.) Awesome people to spend time with.
5.) Always having someone who cares.
6.) Someone to give presents to, and get gifts from.
7.) Someone to travel with.

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