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Halloween Through the (College) Years

Tuesday, November 5

Freshman year, I discovered the unwritten rule that you must have as many different Halloween costumes as possible. My school is known for being a bit artsy, and some people have a different costume for every day of Halloweek, not to mention Halloweekend and any themed parties you might attend before or after.

That first year at college, I wasn't so into the costume thing. While I love dressing up, I just don't have the skill or money to pull off the costumes I truly want. So I went to the Doctor Who Club's Halloween Party (extremely nerdy, I know) as River Song from "The Impossible Astronaut" [comparison photo].  I had most of the outfit, and borrowed a jean jacket and then printed off the blue envelope instead of having a gun holster. For Halloween night, I got even more lazy and wore a DIY shirt made for my soccer team's senior year Halloween dance, wore gladiator sandals, and had my roommate do some makeup...so I was, once again, a very poorly constructed Egyptian. My floor of all freshman traipsed around Beacon Hill before coming back for movies and candy.
River Song [left] and and Egyptian with her friend Ke$ha [right]
Sophomore year, I was studying abroad. With strict luggage rules and needing to pack everything I needed for three months, I couldn't really bring a separate costume. So I bought a dozen snakes for a few dollars, attached bobby pins, and decided to go as Medusa. I did go out of my way to find clothes that would be "Grecian", but I found a business-y green skirt and Grecian top, each 50% off, at Banana Republic. I added green eyeliner, some gold bracelets, and my gladiators (again). This was a much better costume, (although only a few of the Dutch locals got it). Of course there was no trick-or-treating, but we went to the local bar and danced on the pool table, which is almost as fun.

This year, I put a bit more effort into my costumes. I had so many ideas, some of which did not get completed or did not get used. (Some that didn't become reality: Carmen Sandiego, a pirate, Miss Frizzle.) For this year's Doctor Who Club party, the Sunday before Halloween, I went as Fem!Nine, which was mostly my clothes or borrowed. 
Fem!Nine [left], Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale [middle], and Clara [right]
During classes on Halloween, I didn't dress up exactly, but with my red hair and shirt I was asked several times if I was Charmander, so I just went with it.
I swear my hair is red xD Please ignore the water filter.
For the evening, I changed into an outfit I'd been working on since September: The Avengers's Black Widow! Not to be vain, but I am very happy with how this came out! I borrowed the running tights from my roommate, the boots I had, and my dad helped me make the belts and the Widow's Bites. The jacket I did buy, but I had recently lost my thin coat so I needed one anyway...plus it's a $90 Underarmour that I got for $40 after a sale and student discount. I wore my corset underneath the jacket because I am not nearly as shapely as Scarlett Johansson. The result was quite awesome, and while I usually don't like drawing attention to myself, I appreciated the compliments from strangers as my friends and I walked around Beacon Hill. Then we came back to the dorms for The Sixth Sense and photoshoots.

Fem!Loki & Black Widow
Another Fem!Loki & Black Widow
Fandom Crossover Love: Black Widow & Eleventh Doctor
Black Widow & ...whatever Nikki was supposed to be xD
Roommates! Aladdin Sane, Gretchen, & Black Widow
Finally for Halloween, the weekend after I went to a Ke$ha themed 21st birthday. This was my clothes, a roommate's mini-skirt, and makeup by a friend.

I hope everyone had as fun of a Halloween as I did! I'm already thinking of ideas for next year. I'd really like to have a costume that features my corset, plus some of the ideas I had to ditch this year. How was your Halloween? Who else already has costumes started for next year?

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