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A Month of Instagram: October

Monday, November 4

There's just something about October I can't help but love. This one was quite warm, but filled with lots of tea and excursions and fun. I wanted to stick with choosing eight favorite Instagrams from this month, but I have so many more...if you feel so inclined, I'd love for you to check out my full Instagram gallery.

Again, apologies for the gross watermarks. I used a free software to make these; hopefully, I can end that practice soon!

From left to right: Went to an A.F.I. concert with my roommate! This is actually my second time seeing them--the last time was four years ago. <> My friend and fellow blogger, Annie, was awesome and took me to dinner and this musical. <> My suitemates and I took a day for apple picking and exploring a state park outside of the city. <> Miraculously given my busy schedule, I was able to attend several panels at this years Boston Book Festival!

From left to right: The Red Sox made it to the World Series! Both George Washington and the Make Way for Ducklings statues were draped in Red Sox apparel and beards. <> After years of thinking about it, I took the plunge and dyed my hair red. <> The Red Sox won the World Series, and we took to the Common as a mob to celebrate, as college students do. <> My main costume this Halloween was a homemade Black Widow. I'm quite proud of it, and felt unbelievably fierce! (More photos of Halloween to come.)

As if November knows winter is coming, the past few days have been so much colder. Halloween was so warm, but starting November 1st it's been windy and in the 40's at most. I'm not complaining--bring on the snow! I've been drinking so much tea and eating so much soup, and it's perfect.



  1. Just found your blog and it's so exciting they made it all the way and won. I love the world series and miss watching it now that I'm in Europe. :)


    1. The next time there's a sports championship on you should try to find a streaming link! I'm not sure exactly where to find them, but I know they're around. I didn't watch all of the games for this World Series, but there were definitely some impressive and intense plays.


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