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Modcloth Stylish Surprise Fall 2013

Monday, October 7

A few days ago I mentioned that I made a super impulse buy--essentially a "grab-bag" of clothes from Modcloth. Every so often, when Modcloth needs to clear out some inventory, they'll do a super deal: for $5 or $15 you can get an accessory, apartment decor, shoes, or clothing. The catch have no idea what you'll get. From stalking the #stylishsurprise tag on Instagram and tumblr, I had seen a mix of both good and bad gifts, so I didn't have high hopes.

I got the always-exciting PACKAGE NOTIFICATION email this morning, ran down to the mailroom, and immediately opened it to try it on. My first impressions were that the colors were nice, but I had no idea what it was. Upon lifting it out of the package, I saw a long rectangle with sleeves that promised to be unattractive, but of course I had to try it on anyway.

It turned out to have a short skirt with a long overskirt, a drawstring waist, and pin-up sleeves, all of which helped the shape of it immensely! It also goes nearly perfectly with my dark red heels.

Needless to say, I was quite curious about what this dress was originally intended for a priced at. Enter the wonderful ModStylists! A few quick emails and I had all the information and styling suggestions I needed:

"Thanks for writing in for help. I did some extensive digging to try and find the dress that you referred to. I think that I hit gold! Take a look here at the Runway Odyssey Dress. This dress is by Skies are Blue or Urban Skies. They most likely are the same company. The original retail price was $69.99. :) I really like this dress! It's an easy and interesting maxi that you could dress up or down. I think that adding your dark red heels would be fabulous! You could add a leather jacket on top for a cute night on the town look. For daytime, consider adding some rugged brown booties and a denim vest on top. You could always layer a longer chunky cardigan or a denim jacket for interest. I always recommend playing around with it- this dress could be really versatile! :)"

This would not have been something I ever would have picked out for myself, especially for almost $70, but it is a quirky, unique piece so I'm quite pleased with the $15 purchase. Now I just have to work up the courage to rock this ensemble outside the dorm room :)


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