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Garnier Nutrisse Medium Intense Auburn [Review] & Photos

Tuesday, October 29

My hair is rather curly and does not lend itself to fun haircuts, so I've wanted to dye my hair for years. But I didn't want to deal with bleach and I didn't want to pay for it to be done at my salon, so I've kept inadvertently avoiding it. So when I decided I was going to make a Black Widow costume for Halloween, I decided to use Natasha Romanov's epic hair as an excuse to dye my own.

It took me a few weeks of research to decide I would try the Garnier Nutrisse line. I'm not in love with Garnier as a brand, but several of my friends swear by the R1 level, the bright red (including Annie of Major Shenanniegans). I was torn between the bright and medium (R2) levels, and eventually settled for the medium.

So my friend Taina, who has box-dyed her hair before, came over to help me out! It was quite the process, and smelled awful of course. This product doesn't have a separate bleach, but I'm sure there is bleach in the dye itself. In any case, it's one application of the dye. I followed the instructions, letting it sit for a little over a half hour because my hair is so thick and dark. When washing it out, I kept getting the stuff in my eyes--it STINGS >.<! It took forever to get the water to run clear (and every time I've showered since it still runs a little orange for a few minutes). But my hair feels super soft now, because it comes with some nourishing oil.

As for the color, I like it quite a lot :D I'm glad I went with the medium--it shows up super red in direct light but stays brown otherwise. I think I needed two boxes (I have a few brown patches) but the duo-color actually looks pretty cool, and I've gotten quite a few compliments on it :)

I'm not sure what's wrong with my photos...blogger seems to have changed the color in them >.<

I figured it out thanks to this blog post! Apparently my Google+ has auto-enhance automatically selected, which for some reason I never noticed before. Much better now :)

Has anyone dyed their hair? What's your favorite dye?

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