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Review / Stunner of the Month: July 2013

Friday, July 26

I am so behind on my sub box reviews! I received a coupon for a first month free of Stunner of the Month, a monthly subscription costing $9 (with free S&H), where you are sent a pair of sunglasses each month. Your first box also comes with a tool to help maintain your sunglasses. The choice of style is between male, female, or unisex. I was torn between female and unisex--some of the "female" options are far too pink and sparkly for me--but I figured if they're free I might as well risk it. And I was very glad I did! I love my (female) Stunners :D

Although they're called "Cruella deVille's", I think these look more Catwoman. Either way, they are totally my style. A little big for my face perhaps, but fun enough that I really don't care.

In summary, it was well worth it...being free. I cancelled immediately after receiving my box, because I don't need a new pair of sunglasses each month, especially ones that I may not like as much as this pair. If you're obsessed with sunglasses or the code still works (TRYSTUNNER) I highly recommend you try this subscription!

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