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Wednesday, July 24

Hey everyone! My father is heading down to Haiti in September to help the country continue to recover from the 2010 earthquake. He is asking for donations to help fund the trip. Please read his message below and consider donating. If you cannot donate, we ask you take a few seconds to share this post, and help with this very important trip.

"I am heading down to Haiti again and plan on landing in PAP the second week of this coming September 2013. Our team of six will be working with patients requiring upper extremity prostheses and we will be there for 9 days.

Over the last ten years, Healing Hands has been sending at least one team per year to Haiti, but since the earthquake in 2010, we have been attempting two teams per year. We have worked with Medishare, Crudem, and St. Boniface in years past and will be working with Healing Hands International on this tour. On this tour, we are focusing on staff education along with our usual patient care.

I am asking for donations that will be used for this trip. I estimate that it will costs me around $1220.00 to get there and back safely. Below is a simple breakdown of some of the main costs:

$600.00 Round trip airfare
$450.00 Room and board
$125.00 Travel Nurse Visit/ Meds
$ 45.00 Travel Insurance

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you consider either donating or sharing."

I will be doing a post when he returns from Haiti about what he and the team accomplished. You can also check out the organization's website here: Healing Hands for Haiti International

Thank you all once again, and if you have any questions please ask!


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