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Wishlist / Modcloth Summer SALE-EBRATION

Friday, July 5

Sales are the best time to shop Modcloth [affiliate link]. I wasn't going to do a post about the sale, but since their wishlist maker is being glitchy I decided to do some shameless self promotion, get some opinions, and keep track of my wishlist all at the same time.

For my friend's birthday:

Potentially for me (>.<):

Experi-mint with Style Top (on sale, but only in large and I'm probably a medium)

Flower Chord Skirt (on sale)

Basically...HELP. What do you guys like? What do you not like? Are you buying anything from the sale? Does anyone have tips for not spending my whole paycheck on Modcloth? Any and all advice appreciated xD

Remember, if you'd like to use my Modcloth affiliate link I would greatly appreciate it. You can also apply to become a Modcloth affiliate yourself!

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