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A Midsummer Night's Inventory

Sunday, July 28

Why I chose to inventory:
With two women and two men in my home, there is a huge range of personal care products floating around our bathroom. We each have a designated drawer, but things find their way into the linen closet, the sink top, the guest bathroom, and our bedrooms. My stash was personally very out of hand, so today (instead of doing the myriad of other things I should be doing) I went the "productive-procrastination" route and did an inventory. I like to try new products, so I have a ton of samples, not to mention all the gifts I've been given over the years, or the flosses from the dentist, or the random products mom has bought me (both my skin and hair are difficult beasts, and I'm always willing to try the next new thing for them!).

Why you should inventory, too:
For any frugal-minded gal (or guy), taking an inventory helps you save money--honestly! If you're only partially using a bottle of something, that's $1, $2, $3 out the door when they expire. You can also make better budgets: if you have half a bottle of shampoo and you usually use a good-sized squirt every other day, you can guess when you will need a new bottle, and avoid a surprise expense. It also helps keep you organized, physically. I have so many bottles of things in so many places right now, and I can't wait to cut down on the clutter!

The time commitment:
Obviously this varies per person, but you should go in with a game plan. I started by taking all the bottles I had and putting them on the bathroom floor. Then I grouped by type: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, face moisturizer, etc. First I checked for any expiration dates, and threw out anything old. If I had multiples of a product, I married them together, putting any empties off to the side for a sense of accomplishment. I then went through and decided which product I would try to use up first, leaving those out where I would see them, and putting the others neatly in my drawer. Overall the process took me about 30 minutes :)

My Inventory, Completed:

Travel: I found several unopened or reusable travel-sized things. These are being stored for future trips, or when I'm very low on products.

The Empties: By marrying like products, I emptied a conditioner, a shampoo, a mouth wash, and a small contact solution.

Shampoo: With a little bit of Pantene, some Head & Shoulders, and a bunch of samples, I will try to save my favorite, the No Poo, for school.

Conditioner & Gels: I've got quite a lot of conditioner, hopefully enough to get me through at least fall semester plus the rest of summer. Gel I'm quite low on, though. Those travel containers are all that's left of my preferred brand, but I've an unopened bottle of the Garnier.

Moisturizer & Sunscreen: The Cetaphil I use every day and is the only one here specifically for my face. I clearly need to moisturize the rest of me more often! I should be all set for the rest of summer and fall, although I'll need more Cetaphil.

Contacts: I'll need more contacts soon; I've only got three sets left. As for solution, all the smaller containers were free samples (woot!), while the larger two I bought. Since I don't wear contacts all that often I should be okay, but we'll see.

Teeth: I don't use the whitening strips often, so I should be all set through fall semester. The toothpaste will be quickly used up, as will the floss, but I know mom has more for the family to use. The mouthwash I'll make work. I've also got two toothpastes and a mouthwash set aside to bring to school.

Deodorant: Now this I will need more of fairly soon. Each of the regular-looking bottles has only a few days' worth left. The taller one is unopened but is really a style I don't like (rollerball) so I might not end up using it at all.

Feminine Products: Between samples, losing the stash I had, restocking, and finding my stash again, I'm pretty solid in this category.

Other: I rarely use eye makeup remover so I should be okay for a while. One toothbrush should be thrown away in a monthish, which leaves me with one more. The prewrap I will be fine with, especially now that I have a bandana that works in its place if I need it too. I will need more QTips, and I always lose chapsticks.

The Drawer, After:

Has anyone else done an inventory recently? Do you do makeup as well as personal care? What's your method?


  1. Hi there! I've been having the hardest time getting my posts to show up on your site, so I'm hoping this one will actually appear.

    I've honestly never done like a "formal" inventory like this, but I do have all my extras organized in drawers under my master bathroom sink. I buy a lot of multi-packs of stuff at Costco so I basically just note when I've used the last one, and buy another pack. I do try to stock up when there's a good sale. I must admit it's a good idea to do this thorough inventory regularly so you don't run out of stuff.

    On another note, I've tagged you in my "Would you rather..." tag. It'd be awesome if you want to participate. If you do join in, please drop me a comment with your post so I can see your answers. www . littlecupofrandom . com


    1. Oh no! I'll have to look into that this weekend. Would you mind telling me what the problem seems to be? Are there any error messages?

      Before I started doing this, I definitely had "uh oh, I have no more ____" only to find a new bottle two weeks later. Granted, I don't have a schedule for this and do it whenever I feel like it, so it may not end up working perfectly! Kudos to staying organized though! I'm so bad at keeping things in their designated spot.

      Thank you so much for the tag! I will do a post for that, but probably not until this weekend...I'm swamped this week >.< Love the new blog, by the way!

  2. I need to do an inventory before we go back to school. I have bottles of shampoo sitting in the shampoo graveyard (aka one side of my shower) and things thrown in drawers and not categorized by any means. I feel like I know most of what I have, but storing it all in my head, I'm bound to have missed some things.

    By the way, that is a ridiculous amount of BioTrue. I need to get more contacts too, eep!


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