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Outfit / The $10 LBD

Saturday, June 1

A few days ago at work, a coworker of mine asked, "Julia, do you need a black dress?" She showed me the black dress shown below. It was the only one left in stock...and marked down from $50 to $10! Now, I'll be the first to tell you that my store is expensive - I usually wait until the seasonal 50% off sale to do any clothes shopping there, instead of using my discount. But savings of 80% is unheard of!

She had bought the dress herself the day before, after ringing it up for a customer and surprising them both. Not even the woman in charge of the trend (fashion) section knew why it was on sale! I tried it on, and since it fit me perfectly both women encouraged me to purchase it. Naturally, I did :)

Myself & Al
Myself & Al
While it may not be the most flattering shape for my body, I'm definitely enjoying the dress, and wore it to my brother's graduation party today. (The above photo is me with my lovely and amazing cousin.) Today I paired it with my black flower sandals (which I've had for years; unfortunately you can hardly see them.) For makeup I did a simple look of lipstick (Revlon, Porcelain Pink) and mascara (which I got in the Netherlands, ha); my toes are the Ipsy/Petit Vour combo I posted about in my Ipsy May Glam Bag review, and my fingernails are "manicured" with the Broadway Nails imPRESS nails I got in my Influenster Spring Fever VoxBox. I of course wore my Cape Cod bracelet, my Claddagh ring from Ireland, and my belt ring from the Netherlands (thanks, Sam!).

(Full disclosure: I also used this opportunity to try the Secret Outlast Clear Gel from my VoxBox, which is supposed to not leave white marks...and so far, so good!)

I'm keeping a lookout for a nice upper arm band to counter my extremely pale, not-so-attractive arms, and I'm considering trying a colorful sash under the top section of the dress but have no idea if it will look good.

Does anyone else have any ideas to spice up this dress?


  1. Aw, that dress is cute! I think next time, you should include additional close-up photos of your accessories and the small items that we can't see in the full-body photo. (Also: ahh, the ring! And thanks for linking to me :D)

    Maybe instead of a sash (since you already have the ruffle on top), you could do a belt? A thin one, or a thick one if the ruffle hides a thin one. And to make it more fun, you could wear a red or neon pink one! Or white to go with the whole monochromatic trend.

  2. I did want to do that but I couldn’t find anyone to employ in that job =/ Hopefully next time I wear it things will be less hectic and I can force someone to photograph me xD
    Ooo yeah I’ll try that. And I love the monochromatic idea!


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