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Beauty / Spring Fever VoxBox from Influenster

Saturday, May 25

I opened my door yesterday to find a bright pink box from Influenster - my first VoxBox! I have received the Spring Fever VoxBox, and I'm just dying to try all the products. For those who don't know, Influenster is a website where you sign up, write reviews, and free products are sent to those who both match the profile and have high scores. Right now it's invite only; you can request one on the website or get one from a current member (I have one invite left if anyone would like it!).

I actually did an unboxing video to complete one of the tasks for the box. I'm posting it below, but be warned: it is my first video EVER and is slightly awkward!


If you'd like a blog "unboxing", here we go...

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As for my first impressions...

Secret Outlast Clear Gel: ($4.59) I would love to finally find an antiperspirant/deodorant that does it's job with the added benefit of no white marks (I LOVE my little black dresses - and actually bought another today!). I'm not so sold on the smell - I like to go with scentless and add my own perfume or mist if needed. But if this works I might have to search out an unscented version!

NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in "Big Apple Red": ($2.99) Yay! A lip product! The apple is super cute, I love all of the great ingredients included (shea butter, vitamin E, etc.), and the smell is delightfully apple-y :) Need I say I have high hopes for this?

Broadway Nails imPress in "Get Into It": ($7.99) The version I got is from a "signature series" by Nicole Scherzinger, whom I know nothing about but which is kind of exciting. But in general I'm happy just to HAVE fake nails. I wore acrylics for quite literally years, and I miss having long nails. One of my goals this summer is to get my nails to a paint-able length, and wearing fakes most of the weeks might help me stop biting them.

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Dust It: ($23.50) At first I thought this was a sample size, but after some research it's clear that it is not. It looks so tiny for full-size! Still, I'm both excited and terrified to use it - it's supposed to add texture and volume, neither of which I need AT ALL haha.

Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes in "Smores": ($4.49 per box of 5, $1.69 for one) Having seen that everyone was getting some variety of this treat, I was super excited. And, I still am, but I'm also a little frustrated upon further Tastykake expired on May 23rd! Since it's probably made with horribly processed and preserved ingredients I doubt it will do me more damage than it would have if un-expired, so I'm not too worried and will probably eat it. Still, it would be considerate of Influenster to remember that food has a shelf life! Given this fact, I will be eating and reviewing this asap - like, tomorrow!

Box Value: ~$40.76

Box Cost: Free

Disclaimer: I received all products free from Influester for review. All opinions are my own.



  1. Whoa, the nail design they gave you is crazy! I actually really liked those nails (and I am not a nail person), but my color was much, much tamer. :P I'm excited to hear what you think about all the products. Be careful with the Dust It product... it is way too easy to use too much!

  2. Yeah they are quite fun :D

    That's the product I'm most nervous do I even put it on? Like...just tap it on my head? Do I lift my hair and get it as close to the roots as possible? Will it show up as white powder? Any help is appreciated O_o

  3. Uhm, well I first shook it into my hand and then applied it to my hair but that is not what you are supposed to do. Later I figured out that you tap it onto your roots (lifting your hair is a good idea) and then use your fingers to kindof... shake it in. And no, it is not as blatantly white as some dry shampoos but it will be white if it is too concentrated. I recommend trying it out on a day when you don't really need to leave the house ahah. Good luck!

  4. Okay, good to know xD

    And picking a day when I can avoid being in public is high on my priority list for this product haha.

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