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Review / Petit Vour: May 2013

Tuesday, May 28

Although I'm still waiting on my May Ipsy bag - it's in my state; it should arrive tomorrow or Thursday with any luck! - I opened the door to a welcome surprise: my first Petit Vour box! I didn't even realize it had shipped xD I haven't had time to fully try out and establish thoughts on everything yet, but I was just so excited I had to do a post! I will update this post as I test everything in the box.

Petit Vour is a brand new subscription box service for $15 a month with free shipping and handling. (They are brand new as in this is their first month!) They focus on entirely vegan products, and while I'm not vegan I've always been a little uncomfortable with how everything - food, makeup, clothes - is made nowadays. According to their Facebook, "We channeled our obsession with luxury & ethics to create the perfect beauty cocktail: Petit Vour. Petit Vour is a monthly delivery of cruelty-free beauty products, hand-picked from businesses that align quality with progressive standards." If this box sounds interesting and you'd like to sign up, I also ask you email and let them know I (with my name and email) referred you. Since they are so new they don't have a fully-fledged referral system yet:)

My first impression was of the packaging. The goodies come in an adorable mint green box adorned with the Petit Vour slogan (Be Bold. Be Kind.), and the packing job is PERFECT. Each of the products fit perfectly in the box, with little shredded paper neatly padding everything to keep them from moving around. I just love a good presentation!

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This box, like many subscription boxes, came with a cute hello/welcome note from Madeline (the woman who runs Petit Vour), the back of which had the product descriptions. I'm including images of each in case anyone cares to read them - I'm certainly too lazy to type them all out!

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The theme of May's box is "Rejuvenation":

DSC_2455Acure Shampoo & Conditioner: ($5.00) Now, I'm quite attached to my current hair products (the DevaCurl line) but I'm perfectly willing to try new brands. These are the perfect travel size, so I might get some use out of them on a trip or two this summer. They both have this ridiculously good buttery, nutty scent - I'm not sure how to describe it, but trust me, it's awesome. To top it off, they both have argan oil in them, which is like the wonder ingredient (I used to have a whole jar of the stuff, long since gone). Excited to try these, and I'll update if they do anything special to my hair!

Sante 24 Hour Balance Cream: ($18.99 for 30 ml; $3.80 for two 3 ml samples) I got two small samples of this product. Apparently it's for combination skin, and is supposed to help "balance" moisture and complexion.DSC_2453

Zen Society Tea Tree Facial Cleanser: ($16.00 for 8 oz.; guess of $2 for both samples) Neither of the two samples I got of this product specify a size, so I'm guessing they're about 0.5 oz each. This has great reviews and I'm always looking for a good cleanser - my skin is never happy with any one thing for long, unfortunately. It's specifically supposed to help prevent acne (not a problem for me), "cool and brighten tired and dull skin", and "help to control excess oil". I'm curious to see which of these claims - hopefully all - are true!

DSC_2457Misa Three-Free Nail Lacquer in "Fatal Affair": ($7.50) It's always so much fun getting full-sized nail polish, and I'm LOVING this awesome plum color. It screams "winter" to me more than spring or summer, but my nails aren't long enough to paint anyway. I tried it out on my toenails though. The polish seems a bit watery and a lot gets picked up on the brush, but one coat did it for me, with no streaking :)

Tsi-La Eau de Parfum in "Fleur Sauvage"($44.00 for 4 ml; $7.15 for .65 ml sample) It's really unfortunate that this perfume is so expensive, because I LOVE it. It literally smells like a summer garden in full bloom,  probably because of the "aroma of tuberose...infused with fresh Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, Egyptian jasmine petals and rich blonde woods". I wore this today, but am saving the rest for nights when I'm going out.DSC_2464

Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bar: ($1.19) I've had this brand before and know I like it. I'll probably be bringing it to work tomorrow as a snack - let's hope it really does give me energy; I'm going to need it! (Update: It tastes like real bananas! Yum!)

This box had two full-size products (Go Raw bar and nail polish), and a total of seven sample-sized products. And all of it is vegan, cruelty free, and most of it is all natural or organic!

The one disappointment is that I was hoping to get the Odacite 10 Day Skin Treatment coupon that I saw in other May Petit Vour boxes, but I did sign up quite late and then my payment took forever to get through, and since these coupons were all personalized (as in, someone sets up a skincare regime personally for you when you redeem it), the Odacite people were probably too busy for them to send out any new coupons.

Box Value: ~$26.64

Box Cost: $15.00

I will be keeping this subscription for at least one more month before I decide if I really like it or not. But so far, so good, and I'm looking forward to June's box!

Did anyone else get this box? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I bought this. All opinions are my own.


  1. Hmm. Not sure if it's my kind of box or not. I wish the packets weren't so small. :( The shampoo/conditioner look awesome, though!

  2. I'm torn on the packet sizes - I love full-size because it feels so special (like...yay full-size!) but if they put in samples you get to try more things. And if you really hate a perfume having a full or deluxe-sample size would be icky. We'll see how June is :)

  3. […] opposed to getting perfumes on the relative cheap – I now have this and the sample from my Petit Vour May box - and it is quite nice, it smells a little too…cupcake-y for me. I prefer more natural […]


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