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Review / Airborne

Thursday, May 23

Over the course of the spring, I have had the occasion to use each of the four samples given to me by Airborne. When I requested samples, I had no idea what a diverse collection I would be getting! Here are my mini-reviews on each.

Chewable Tablets in Berry - These had a very unnatural flavor with a tangy aftertaste, and were oddly chalky. They were not horrible but not the most pleasant. Basically, they got the job done.

Effervescent Tablet in Zesty Orange - The first thing I noticed about this was the strong chemical orange smell; I allowed it to fizzle - effervesce  I suppose - for well over the full minute required. The tast was much better than the smell, a much more normal orange, akin to a less sweet orange soda or a flavored water, and while I don't like flavored water much, this wasn't half bad. I finished my glass without realizing it as I did some work. Another plus is that there was no grit, even without mixing (the directions said nothing about stirring, so I didn't; apparently it would have been energy wasted!).

Plus Energy in Natural Citrus - The procedure for making this one was a little different - I was told to mix it in. Again, there was a strong smell on opening, but it was fine when drinking. As for the energy I didn't feel much of a difference, but caffeine doesn't have a terribly strong effect on me, so I'm not sure how much vitamins would visibly help.

Hot Soothing Mix in Natural Honey Lemon - Although easy to make and with the best, most natural smell of the bunch, initially it tastes like an artificial lemon tea and leaves a bad, lingering aftertaste. It was nice to have a hot drink but otherwise...blech!

THE VERDICT: While I can't say the Airborne instantly healed my cold (and I think it's more for prevention, in any case), the occasional immune system boost never goes amiss. The best of these products was definitely the Effervescent Tablet while the worst was the Hot Soothing Mix.

Do you have a favorite Airborne product, or a preferred flavor?

Disclaimer: I received these samples free from an Airborne promotion. All opinions are my own.

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