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Life / A Day of Small Accomplishments

Friday, May 24

I love days when I accomplish things! I figured I'd make myself a short motivational list of all the things I got done off my to-do list, however small :)

  • One of my BzzAgent campaigns and my Spring Fever VoxBox from Influenster came in the mail just before I left the house! (look for posts on these things coming soon!)

  • I filled out (I hope) all the paperwork I need to do before my internship (!!!) starts June 3rd.

  • Mom and I took the afternoon to try out my commute to work - it's a mess of trains and buses and shuttles - and we did so successfully!

  • We also had a delicious lunch/dinner in town.

  • I used up five samples for my post that will be posted tomorrow :)

  • I made my first video and put it on YouTube O_o

  • I caught up on some posts for both this and my other blog...

  • ...most importantly being my Classics Retold Intro Post (on my literary/historical/general interests blog, Ink & Paper World).

There are also plenty of things I did not do...but let's focus on the positive! :D

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