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Movie Review / Trance

Monday, April 8

R (for sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, some grisly images, and language), 101 minutes

To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of this movie until someone notified me of free tickets to it. The trailer looked great, and the line to get in was quite long - Alex and I were sure we weren't going to make it!

But make it we did, and we very much enjoyed the show. I knew going in that it was directed by Danny Boyle, who directed one of my favorite movies, 28 Days Later, as well as 127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire, and Trainspotting, so I had high hopes. This movie is chock-full of stellar acting, horrible yet fascinating images, and interlocking plot twists. The base plot turns out to be far less important than the confusing maps of multiple human minds.

I left the theatre still not sure exactly what had happened except that there were some definite plot holes, but I knew I had seen something impressive. Being at a slight loss may not be for everyone, but it's something I very much appreciate in movies. Trance forces you to think about what you are seeing, to be as confused as the main character, and yet enjoy the ride infinitely more than he does!

Trance had a limited release on April 5th; my showing was actually after it had already come out. I am unsure about another date for a full release.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Gofobo for the free tickets. All opinions are my own.

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