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Movie Review / Monsters University

Thursday, April 25

monsters univsersity

Monsters University
Not Yet Rated (my guess will be PG for some college-related humor), 95 minutes (at this time)

Ever since I heard rumors of this movie I have wanted to see it. But I never dreamed I would get to see a not-totally-finished version two months early! On Tuesday night, one of the clubs I'm involved in had their book launch. A girl in the club had a friend who worked for Disney's marketing, and she set up a "Fear Pong" Tournament - non-alcoholic beer pong with Monsters University cups and ping pong balls (they were so cute!). In any case, despite having never played beer pong in my life, I won two passes to Boston's April 24th advanced screening specifically for college students, and I took Alex, whom I had beat in Fear Pong and with whom I usually go to free movies :)

[caption id="attachment_981" align="alignleft" width="214"]Monsters University sorry for the horrible blur![/caption]

We got to skip the line, which meant we got to go much later than normal for a free show, which I was very thankful for - we had friends near the front of the line who had been waiting for the 7:30 screening since 4:30! It took a little maneuvering to get to the people who actually knew we had one a contest, and luckily there were others from other colleges who had also won drawings and lotteries, but after  letting them take our phones (very strict security!), Alex and I were the very first in the theatre. Our seats had signs saying "Fear Pong Winners" on them xD They were wonderful seats - right in the middle of the row, at the perfect height.

As for the movie itself, the version I saw began with an introduction from the director, Dan Scanlon. He informed us that this version was about 95% done, and just needed some more sound editing and minor changes, which was really exciting - not only did we get to see it two months early, but also a draft! It looked and sounded great, so I'm guessing they won't change much. But there was a Disney Pixar copyright on the bottom of the screen the whole time (which was fine).

I LOVED this movie. (And I didn't find out until after that Nathan Fillion voiced one of the characters!) We were told very vehemently not to give any spoilers, so I will keep this quite general. There are wonderful brand new characters, but we also get to see many Monsters, Inc. favorites as they were before that film. The audience adored all of the jokes and references to Monsters, Inc.; we all cheered endlessly for cameos and jokes, as well as pivotal moments in Sully and Mike's relationship. (I love seeing films with extremely enthusiastic audiences; the only one I've been to before this were Toy Story 3 and the Harry Potter movies.)

Monsters University can stand alone from Monsters, Inc., but seeing the original first opens a viewer up to many more great moments. The visuals and music and writing are all great. I loved seeing the Pixar creative team at work again - the campus is incredible, and as always it's so much fun to see what the monsters can do! Since it's set in a college, there are references to college frat parties and some hazing, but nothing is at all explicit or shocking and will go over a young child's head. I of course have a very emotional connection to this film, since I was a kid when Monsters, Inc. came out and am now in college, but I highly recommend this film to anyone! I'll probably end up seeing it again when it's released, especially because I did not get to see the Pixar short (called "The Blue Umbrella").

Monsters University IDMonsters University's theatrical release is June 21st. In the meantime, check out their super fun (and funny!) website: Monsters University.

Disclaimer: Endless thanks to Disney Pixar for the free tickets; opinions are my own.

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