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Movie Review / The Croods 3D

Sunday, March 17

the croods

The Croods
PG (for some scary action), 98 minutes

Although I had seen advertisements for The Croods nearly everywhere in the weeks before, until my friend Alex offered me a free ticket to for an early screening I had never considered seeing it. I love spending time with friends, free things, and sneak peeks, so I coughed up the 4 bucks for public transport and happily went to the movie with low expectations.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the movie, as well as the free showing itself. We got there about an hour and a half early, as is recommended by Gofobo (the wonderful company that provided these tickets, which I will review later). There was no need, as a Sunday morning for a lesser-known film does not usually have a crazy line, so we spent the time enjoying our bagels and taking photographs with the cardboard advertisements that I love so much. There were, unsurprisingly, quite a few young children and their parents in the theatre; they loved the free posters and activities provided.

[caption id="attachment_946" align="alignleft" width="225"]the croods Enjoying The Croods[/caption]
The movie itself had breathtaking visuals and a range of creativity that took me by complete surprise. The 3D, while not something I like usually, added great depth. The humor, the creatures, and the characters are perhaps not historically accurate by any means, but are certainly well-rounded and likable. I had seen the trailer, but the plot took a turn that I was not expecting. In addition, I found it quite stressful at points - several children in the theatre began crying. There are rockslides, death-defying chases, and for about ten minutes it is believed a main character has died. I was truly surprised by how scary it was at times, but overall it was a highly entertaining movie with a child-appropriate happy ending. (I only found out after that Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone did voices - they both did great!)

The Croods will be released in theaters on March 22nd.

Disclaimer: Gofobo provided the free tickets; opinions are my own.

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